When owners don’t write review

Question for Sitters- I pride myself on being a great sitter, doing not only what is asked but leaving everything in tip-top condition. I have asked the owner repeatedly (nicely) of a recent sit for a review to no avail. (I have not given them one and won’t until they go first, which is my standard procedure.) It was a great sit! What do you do when this happens? It’s never happened before to me and I see they have reviewed their first sitter, but not me or the one right before me, and the one before me has excellent reviews from other owners, like I do. This is very disappointing.

@SoloTraveler , This is the issue that first brought me to the forum. I did a search but can’t find the discussion, maybe it was so old it’s been removed.

I had done the best job I possibly could for these HO and despite numerous requests, they were not leaving me a review. I was really upset, as I had bent over backwards for them. I received guidance from @Angela-HeadOfCommunity . She told me that people sometimes get busy with work and life and to give it a chance, that she once had HO leave her a review six weeks after the sit! So, I decided to give it more time and after 12 days, they left me a great review. So my advice is after three gentle reminders a few days apart, sit tight and wait.

Oh, and like your HO, when I took another look at my HO’s listing, I noticed they had had several sitters they had failed to review. It didn’t seem important to them. I faulted myself for not taking note before I accepted the sit, so I was doubly worried I’d end up with no review. Fortunately, it all worked out.

But from that experience, I now take note of a HO’s “review record.” If I feel there is a chance I won’t get a review or won’t get any kind of substantial review, I don’t apply.


We’ve never had a problem getting a review but we always do our review (aka feedback) immediately after the sit so maybe that encourages the home owner to do one as well?

I’m curious though - do you have a particular reason for not giving a review until they do? Have you considered that perhaps they have the same policy? Or maybe they are worried about why you won’t give a review first so they are hesitant to give one as well? I think if I was a home owner and a sitter informed me that they would not do a review until I had done one first, I’d suddenly start to wonder why, and it might make me nervous about giving one. Just a thought.


Hi @mars. I don’t think your post would have been removed. I clicked on your username, looked for the date you joined, clicked on your name there and it brought up every post you’ve done, back to your join date. I tried the same with mine and it was similar. Total transparency, for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wouldn’t it be great if review/feedback rate and average response time were included as stats for all HOs and sitters? Being able to see this instantly on a HO or sitter’s page would be amazing.


Last year I sat for a few weeks and all went fine, and when I asked for a review there was a long pause and then, finally, the man said he didn’t ‘believe in’ reviewing things online and it was nothing personal about me. I explained what we all know and he flatly refused. I was already engaged to return to the house a couple of months later, and rather than cancel I went ahead because the location was so interesting to me. Perhaps he chose me as a sitter without reading my profile or reviews? Maybe he’d have engaged anyone?


@Lauraa that’s so sad to hear, and you’ve been so respectful in the way you’ve retold the details here. I certainly would have provided feedback for the second sit, without asking. I would have included that I was disappointed to hear his position but nevertheless realize that the homeowner must have indirectly given me a positive review by having me return for a sit. :wink: There are always creative and respectful ways of making a fair statement. That owner should share his position on that with a sitter before they accept, in my opinion, but I doubt he does. Congratulations on taking the higher road. :clap:


They’d engaged me for both sits at once, quite a bit in advance. When the date for the second sit was approaching they asked if I was going to do it, realising I was displeased about the refusal to review. I said yes of course I was looking forward to it. I didn’t leave any feedback about them, which I know isn’t right, but I think they left TH anyway.


Hi @SoloTraveler - Why are you so adamant not to leave a review until the home host leaves theirs? I think if you have this rule then you have to respect the fact that you occasionally will not receive one yourself.

I am struggling to understand how you can be disappointed with the home host for not leaving you a review whilst at the same time admitting that you are refusing to leave them one?

Maybe the home host has the same ’ you go first’ rule - in this case you are now in a stalemate situation and neither of you will have any chance of getting a review.

I would say leave your review. If you get one in return, great. If you don’t, then at least you know that you have done the right thing :grinning:


If you have other reviews i wouldnt worry too much.
We missed one review, obviously not because the HO was unhappy as they asked us back but i think they just have super busy lives & i noticed they dont usually review.
All had gone well on the sit, we liked the HOs, understand their circumstance & didnt take it personally.
They did however reply nicely to our feedback for them.
We have had other HOs maybe take a week or two before we have their feedback. People can be busy and have various things that demand their attention.
I like to do our reviews within a few days of leaving the sit and do feel that a HO is more likely to respond when you have reviewed them. They could be waiting for your review first.



Your profile is not visible so I don’t know how many sits you have done but from your post and previous posts, and Forum name, I am presuming you are a “full-time” sitter, or near enough, with a lot of sits and reviews already completed.

Do you not think that this may be a bit intimidating for an owner, maybe a first-time owner, or someone who is relatively new to all this.

There must be very few owners who have had multiple sitters in the same numbers as some of us have done sits – as an example, I have 33 reviews on THS, and I think the most sitters any of my owners have had is 8.

So, in a way you are expecting owners to lead, where in fact you are the more experienced party, and perhaps they are waiting for your more experienced “feedback”, or just don’t - I was going to say “understand the rules”, but what rules? Yours?


This is interesting and has made me think that in future, I should make sure HO’s generally leave reviews when we apply for sits. If they don’t, I may ask about it in the application process. I’m not sure I want to do a sit where it’s unlikely we’d get a review.

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Following each sit, I request a review from the HO, including a personalized note in which I mention that I will be providing my feedback shortly.

I don’t wait until the HO posts their review, I go ahead and post my feedback when ready.


I do the same thing @PetSitterBug

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Hello - even though I am a HO I am going to add a comment. I tried to leave a review for a sitter recently and found it super hard to know where to do this. I also did receive any reminder with the review link to be able to do this. Not sure if this is intended but I wonder if other HOs might find it tricky to find where to do this. I know when I usually do anything in the digital space then i get sent a link to leave a review once the transaction completed. Be assured i did eventually find where to do this and did leave a review.


I think there is a thread on how 'user friendly the process is to leave a review and feedback … also that the two are named differently , giving rise to perhaps, different expectations.

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I am bringing this here though to answer one of the questions about why HOs don’t leave reviews. This should not be taken in isolation but it might be an explanation.


Thank you for weighing in! It’s helpful to hear everyone’s comments.

I didn’t mean to appear adamant about not leaving a review first, in fact I went ahead and left a nice, thorough one (lots of details) for the sit. The HO has said more than once that they will leave a review but haven’t yet so it’s just rather frustrating. Reviews are everything to a sitter!


Go ahead and leave a review. Not only is the review process for the sitter and homeowners, it’s for our fellow members.

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