Review from last sit

I just got a message from my llast HO. who said that she cannot leave a review. As I have to be honest my reviews are a big thing to me I would love to help her fix this.
It looks like I can not even request a review since she is not on my list for that.
What can I do ??

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Hi @Bravo1239 getting your sitter review is so important, we would all agree on that.

This is a Membership Services question I will pass to the team and meanwhile tag @Therese-Moderator who can help you when she is back online.

Is that a email or ??

Just clicked on it gonna talk to the HO and see if she can do anything about it TY

“Cannot” as in “I cannot leave you a review” (meaning she was not 100% happy) or is having technical difficulties?


technical it is. Just got a message from her saying she was sorry about not being able since she messed up the dates or something and she is gonna look into it tomorrow


by email @Bravo1239

Hi @Bravo1239 Apologies for the late reply … I have emailed you directly from membership services, to follow up that all is now correct. Please look out for my email.
Have a lovely rest of the day.

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Hi Therese.
TY for your reply.
I have not got a review from her yet but just sent her message and asking if she got email from you. I can not see any invitation to request a review from her.

Nothing seems to be happening ??

Hi @Bravo1239 do you mean you have not heard back from the owner? @Therese-Moderator

@Bravo1239 Let me look into this for you and I will email you directly from membership services.
Kind regards

Sent her message this morning but she told me she had contacted THS

Ty. I am also waiting for a reply to my message to her this morning