Questions for Admin or other pro users for the site!


I just finished a sit and it went great. The HO is not very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the website. I have helped her in many ways to do different things on the site as she was unsure how to proceed.

I finished her review and messaged her if she would please take the time to write one as we are only allowed up to 14 days. She stated, you were and deserve the best, but I am unsure how to do it. She asked me to send her an email on what she should say? So I sent a tamped down review as I didn’t want to sound like I was tooting my own horn even though she tooted it for me on a few occasions.

She stated she went in and did a review and may have clicked on the wrong stuff and fears her review of me is BAD? She asked how she can change it. I do not even see the review yet, so thinking maybe she didn’t finish.

Is there a way to change a review or to update it for the changes after you have sent? If you don’t know if you have sent it or not, how can you check that as well?

Sorry this is long winded, I’m just praying it didn’t go through. I told her not to worry about it because she’s not feeling well and I didn’t want her to feel worse than she already does.

HO can contact member services to change a review .

I have seen a few reviews where the categories all had 5stars and positive comments but the overall stars were only 3 !!

Possibly HO error but could also be a glitch as I have seen it so many times …

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That is not true, I think. Not yet.

Ok, that’s good!! My question is are there ways to change the review if a mistake is made after sent?

Thank you! She just stated that she was able to edit the review. (fingers crossed!)

Another thing to check is that it’s a review of you and not a trust pilot review of TrustedHouseSitters which some members have done by mistake.

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I’m seeing a very positive review @FureverPawsitive23 which finished on 5 October so I’m assuming that is the one you are referring to here. Well done to both you for the help you have given and to the HO for managing the review.

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No it’s over once it’s published. The HO needs to contact membership services to change it

@temba yes I see that! YAY! We made a great team!


She must not have published it since she was able to edit. I think she just was unsure how. YAY!