Can I change a sitter review?

Hi there I’ve just had my first TH experience and the sitter was great. I wrote a review but must have quickly done the stars at the start and overall they only have 3 stars, I’m mortified. Is there any way I can amend the stars to reflect how good they were? The review itself and other categories are all 5. Many thanks

Contact membership services and ask them whether they can help you make the change. You can’t do that yourself, nor can anyone here help you with that.


Ok many thanks. I’m so annoyed with myself, I saw the 3 stars but thought it might be because I hadn’t finished writing the review and awarding stars for the other categories.

You’re not the only person who’s run into hiccups with the new system. It often takes time to adapt.

E-mail for member services is

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Thanks all. It was easily sorted very quickly. 5* review now in place :star_struck: