Need help with a wrong review

Hi everyone,

I discovered Trusted Housesitters this year, loved the idea and spontaneously jumped in to take over a housesit in July, when the original housesitters had to abruptly cancel their stay, because of health issues.

The sit went great and my host/ the owner wanted to leave me a positive review, but she accidentally mixed up the reviews and instead of mentioning my name in the review text, she mentioned the names of the previous sitters.

My host contacted TH and asked how to change the review, I contacted TH and asked how to change the review, I tried to call TH, but no reaction.

Now I´m really disappointed, because this was my very first housesit on my resume and I know how much reviews make a difference. But my host and I cannot get TH to enable her to change the review.

Anybody in the forum here can help?

Thank you very much in advance!


Hello @Andreas welcome. I believe there are people here that can connect with the right people. Give them some time to get back to you.
I had something a wee bit different but similar, I used the wrong names in the feedback and after a short while, THS was able to correct it.
@Angela-CommunityManager I feel can help.

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Hello @Andreas and welcome to the community. Great to hear also that you took advantage to accept a sit cancellation to get started! Don’t worry regarding the review, as long as both parties are in agreement about the mistake, membership services will be able to help get this corrected. I’m sorry you’ve been unable to get through to them, but I have tagged our membership services representative in the forum @Therese-MembershipService and she will be able to help with this in the morning when she’s next online. In the meantime, enjoy the forum and we look forward to following your ongoing TrustedHousesitters journey. All the best, Vanessa


Thank you @Vanessa-Admin and @Amparo as Vanessa says @Andreas Membership Services can get this amended with the consent of both parties and congrats on your sit and for helping out another member.

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Hi @Andreas @Vanessa-Admin @Angela-CommunityManager I will look into this immediately for you and email you directly from membership services. Regards Therese


Awesome, thank you so much @Amparo , @Angela-CommunityManager , @Therese-MembershipService !