Feedback error

I was trying to leave my sitter a review and it messed up and garbled which I didn’t realize until after jt posted. How can I edit or get it corrected ? They did a great sit and deserve a positive review.

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Membership services can help you with that.

Hi do I get in touch with them? Finding it very confusing with the app.

Email and mark the email URGENT or use the chat bot on the website @YourfriendJP :+1:t3:

On the app, two steps to get to the chat bot. If you want to talk to a human, just ask the chat bot for that.

  1. Click on Me.
  2. Click on Help & Support.

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Same boat here. However i unintentionally left our review as a response to the review I received. I reached out to chat for assistance and was referred to a team member to find that they will not help due to their policy. I understand the intent of the no tamper policy stopping retaliatory reviews however it is obvious that our review was simply in the wrong spot.

With this in mind I am considering whether it is worth reviewing for fear of making a mistake and having no ability to correct an error or have admin delete a misfire.

Yes for our last sit, the the pet parent had to do the review from her PC because the app was buggy (not letting her write more than 1 line review).

You should still be also able to leave the review for the sitter. Many HOs do both - reply to the sitter review, and leave their own review.

@MikeNic You just need to copy and paste your response to the correct location - Past sitters or Past Sits ( whichever it is) on your Dashboard drop-down box.

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In our case we copied the review into the correct spot. The fact is if you make an error there is no option to edit or delete the error once it’s posted.

Just last week, I contacted THS Support Team for assistance in editing my review for a Home Owner.
I wanted to add a bit more detail (short paragraph) to my 5* Review, regarding the benefits of the location, as I thought that it might be helpful to future potential applicants who are unfamiliar with the area.
I found the Customer Help Team to be non-supportive in my endeavour.
I was informed that it was against their Policy & Procedure Rules.
I asked for THS to review their decision & reconsider my request.
Still no change in their stance.
I then requested that the issue be treated as a Complaint, only be told that I would have to raise in independent complaint.

Come on THS, please keep an open mind & sense of fairness.
Policies & Procedures are there for guidance & should always be subject to review.


That’s so frustrating!!!

They did fix my error, I think because it was so clearly a mistake and not just that I wanted to add something. It really just was a mistake because the app only allowed me to see one line of the review and so I couldn’t see how garbled it was.

I am delighted to report that THS changed their Decision after I lodged a formal Complaint.
My review for the HO has now been updated.
And I have been given an additional two month free membership by way of compensation.
Well done THS for being prepared to apply common sense & right a wrong.