My HO is trying to post a review for us

We finished a sit on Sunday. Our HO tried to post our review today and it isn’t posting. Neither of us has had this problem before and I’m not sure how to help her. It should be pretty simple. @Vanessa-Admin @Angela-CommunityManager, can either of you help? I realize the UK and France are sleeping right now so will check back later.

Good morning @Knowmad and sorry to hear your HO is not able to post her review, which as you mention is normally a very easy process.

Thank-you for your patience and although I’m online in France @Therese-MembershipService will be the best person to help with this and she’s on UK timing, but will pick this up to help once she’s back in the forum.

Have you got more sits lined up?

Yes. We are fully booked through mid March.

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Great to hear! Look forward to following your travels :slight_smile:

Hi @Knowmad @Vanessa-Admin I will email you from membership services to get all the details of this sit, so we can help your HO with the review.

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All good now. Thank you!

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That’s very good to hear… we’ll close this topic off now it’s been resolved. All the best!