HO never confirmed sit

Hi everyone
My hubby and I have just successfully completed our first sit (5 weeks) which we really loved. The HOs have been communicating with us by text and are very happy with how everything went. The thing is, they never actually confirmed our sit on the website. Is there any way for them to do so now that it is over? I’m wondering how they are going to be able to leave us a review, and vice versa, although I don’t believe that is a priority for them.

I suggest you contact membership services about this. The key here is to always have a confirmed sit on THS website before commencing the sit.

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@Wizz to follow up on @Crookie’s suggestions, I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will contact you directly by email when she’s next online. Please watch for an email from her, which will likely be tomorrow.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

This happened to me once and the HO sent a private invite to me for another date, that I confirmed and HO confirmed. Then when those dates were over she was able to leave a review of me and me of her.

Hi @Wizz I have sent you an email from membership services, so please do look out for this in your inbox.

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