House sitting is not shown

Some time ago I was looking after a house and 5 animals. When I click on my profile it appears:
You haven’t been with a house sitter yet
Once you have a session…
What did I do wrong?
Thank you in advance for the help,

Try the browser version, the app has had some glitches.

Welcome @morning-dew - are you a sitter . ( not clear from your comment but I think perhaps you are a sitter not home owner )

Did the sit appear on your dashboard originally?

Did you receive a review from the home owner or write feedback for them ?

I was in email contact with the homeowner and then looked after the house and the animals. I didn’t get a review from the owner and I can’t write a review because it says in my profile that I have never looked after a house

@morning-dew sounds like you didn’t confirm the sit on the THS platform so it never appeared on your dash board.

If you and the HO contact member services they may be able to add it retrospectively.

For future reference this is how you confirm a sit

You were probably never “confirmed” in the system. If you only exchanged emails and never clicked the last step “agreed to sit” then you never were officially selected as a sitter, even though you did that sit.
In the future, make sure you follow the steps to finalise the process.

Thanks for the hint.
Kind regards

As @Silversitters mentions, please do email to ask them for help putting that past sit on your dashboard.