Feedback not showing on HOs site

we had a house sit booked earlier in the year that was cancelled by the HO due to newly imposed Covid restrictions. We were totally fine with that. We had met the owners and their pets in person a week or so prior to the expected sit so felt we could still give a reasonable feedback on the potential sit for other sitters. However our feedback has not shown up. As the housesit still shows on our Dashboard as being done but no reviews/feedback are shown by either party I imagine that might give the wrong impression to the next sitters. Is there anyway to change this?


Hi @liz - I’m sorry but I don’t have a quick answer for you on that one, other than to know it’s possible as I also have a review for a sit that didn’t proceed through Covid restrictions. Sounds like a glitch, so could I ask you to send your account details along with this query, through to the membership services email here… and they will be able to investigate this further for you. Thank you so much, Vanessa

p.s. just a thought, is there a chance it just didn’t save (internet problems?) … have you tried adding a feedback (edit) again to see if you still have that option?

thanks @Vanessa-Admin. The feedback still shows online as my having made it. TBH, I always get confused between “feedback” and “review” but my understanding is the a sitter gives “feedback” and HOs give “reviews”, both of which are able to be viewed by others? If I have that correct then I believe my feedback has gone through. I will double check and if not a problem at my end I will try support :slight_smile:


Hi Liz …you are correct, owners review sitters, sitters give feedback on their sitting experience, I hope that clarification helps.

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Hi Vanessa and Liz -
On My Dashboard, I see 2 sits that are listed as “Completed Sits” when in fact they were both mutually cancelled by me and my HOs due to Covid restrictions. I may have misunderstood your conversation/threads but is it possible for us to post reviews and/or feedback for sits that had not been completed? Was there something I and my HOs should have done once the sits were cancelled?


I’m having a similar problem. Nowadays, only external referrals are shown on the page. My reviews disappeared ) but also the reviews I left to the hosts.

Hello @imhale - this has happened to a few of us through Covid where sits weren’t able to go ahead but the homeowner didn’t go through the cancel procedure.

If you go to your dashboard, and select FEEDBACK, you will see the sits for which you are able to provide feedback.
Do these correspond with those showing as completed sits?
If they do, then yes you can still provide feedback.
We had one where our owner praised the pre-sit communication and planning and expressed regret that the sit wasn’t able to go ahead that time.

In answer to the cancel process, the owner would need to de-select the dates to cancel the sit - this only works for sits in the future, not past sits (membership services will need to be contacted in those cases). Here’s some info on that for the future:

Hope that helps, but please let me know here or DM if you have any more questions. Have a lovely day!

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Hello Thata and I’m sorry you’ve had that experience. I am going to DM you to get some more information so we can look into this for you. Please check your messages here on the forum. Many thanks, Vanessa

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I have the same and as the sit was showing as completed I left a nice review for the HOs in order to explain the situation to future sitters, as we had the opportunity to meet the HOs and the pets before hand. The sit was actually cancelled by the HOs, due to new Covid restrictions. However I have not had a review by the HOs. I have decided to message them today (although the sit was in April) to see if they would consider leaving a review. To the best of my knowledge all went well, and, as I mentioned, they were the ones who (understandably) cancelled the sit.


Hi Vanessa - thanks for the very helpful info! I didn’t know this process existed or I would have done it sooner (my fault). I’ve followed your instructions and left “Feedback” for the 2 sits in question. I see that these owners are still THS members so I’m hoping they will receive my feedback I just posted. On My Dashboard, I see these sits still listed as “Completed House Sits”. Per your directions, the “Owner will need to de-select the dates to cancel the sit”. Another question: how does the “DM” messaging work on this site?


to DM, click on person’s name, then click on green ‘message’ envelope.

Morning @imhale and glad that worked for you.

We checked with membership services yesterday, and if the owners/sitters want to completely remove a sit from profiles that has not gone ahead (i.e. is in the past), they would need to contact membership services with details of why the sit couldn’t proceed, and MS can sort this.

The instructions I pinned above only work for future sits that need for some valid reason, to be cancelled. I will amend that comment for clarity.

@Snowbird has answered your DM question (thank-you for that).

Have a lovely day!

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Hi Vanessa, I have had a similar problem. The external referrals are not showing on the website dashboard and I have no idea if a HO can even see them. There seems to be a glitch for sure. Reviews and Feedback are different than referrals/references…no clear place to look at the references. Please look into this as I have three people who have written references and two cannot find what they posted nor can I see it anywhere! Thank you for looking into this. Carmen @Vanessa-Admin

Hi @dharma88 I’m following this up as Vanessa is offline until tomorrow … your two references are on your profile and visible on the website when accessing your profile. I will forward you a screenshot via Direct Message and will also tag @Therese-Moderator who will check for you when she is back online.


@Angela-CommunityManager @Therese-Moderator Great thank you so much for your quick reply and confirming those references have gone through! Carmen

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Hi @dharma88 I have emailed you from membership services regarding your 3rd reference.
kind regards Therese