Feedback not showing on HOs site

we had a house sit booked earlier in the year that was cancelled by the HO due to newly imposed Covid restrictions. We were totally fine with that. We had met the owners and their pets in person a week or so prior to the expected sit so felt we could still give a reasonable feedback on the potential sit for other sitters. However our feedback has not shown up. As the housesit still shows on our Dashboard as being done but no reviews/feedback are shown by either party I imagine that might give the wrong impression to the next sitters. Is there anyway to change this?


Hi @liz - I’m sorry but I don’t have a quick answer for you on that one, other than to know it’s possible as I also have a review for a sit that didn’t proceed through Covid restrictions. Sounds like a glitch, so could I ask you to send your account details along with this query, through to the membership services email here… and they will be able to investigate this further for you. Thank you so much, Vanessa

p.s. just a thought, is there a chance it just didn’t save (internet problems?) … have you tried adding a feedback (edit) again to see if you still have that option?

thanks @Vanessa-Admin. The feedback still shows online as my having made it. TBH, I always get confused between “feedback” and “review” but my understanding is the a sitter gives “feedback” and HOs give “reviews”, both of which are able to be viewed by others? If I have that correct then I believe my feedback has gone through. I will double check and if not a problem at my end I will try support :slight_smile:


Hi Liz …you are correct, owners review sitters, sitters give feedback on their sitting experience, I hope that clarification helps.

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