Find sitters 'missing' feedback

Sitters, if you are looking for previous sitter feedback, and it appears to be missing, you may find it elsewhere.
In the app, if you click on a sitter’s profile you can then search through their reviews. If there is a review from the owner you may find that the sitter has replied to that review. It appears that some sitters confuse the reply facility with the feedback facility, and I think that is understandable.
If there is no review from an owner, and no feedback from a sitter, then it definitely gives cause for concern. However, as I have seen mentioned previously, many sits never took place because of Covid issues so that may also be the reason for neither party leaving a review.


Exactly what happened with my first 3 sits, didn’t realize that my reply didn’t count as the review to the HO!

@MissChef It’s a very easy mistake to make, it’s definitely a little confusing.