Review gaps…

I’m a sitter, and I’ve always had grateful messages from HO after completing sits. Some have commented on me doing a great job, or leaving the place nice and tidy…

But then still they’ll leave no review which is disheartening, but I hope its just because they forgot.

Do the gaps appear on sitters profiles to other HO? I worry it makes it look as though there were issues on my sits, when there were not.

@RR12345 Unless I am mistaken (someone correct me if so) it depends on how someone is viewing your profile and this is the same for both sitters as well as homeowners.

On web browser you will only see reviews that are given to a user and there is no indication of the sit occurring if a review isn’t posted. You could request an external reference after the review window closes if you want someone to provide feedback. Obviously you still can’t force them to complete that either.

If someone views on the mobile app, you would see any dates that you have completed a sit regardless of whether a review has been left as you scroll the sitters & reviews section of a profile.

This is where I believe that you are mistaken.

And I actually suspect that it is one of the many programming mistakes on THS that it is different.

Sitters do not need to worry about missing reviews. But I cannot see the HO side of the user interface so I don’t have the possibility to check that.


I wonder if you could update your “my experience” section of your profile to include quotes of your positive feedbck?

That’s correct @pietkuip , HOs cannot see missing reviews on sitter’s profile. Not on the web site, not on the app. I hope we could.

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@pietkuip and @CatsAndDog

For my own clarification and understanding, other homeowners cannot see the dates & a sit listing if the Housesitter was not given a review by a homeowner? That’s interesting.

Yes, that’s correct @TD052023 You can see the missing reviews of any HO on the app, but not the missing reviews of sitters.

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If you are missing reviews regularly- yet the hosts are grateful- it sounds like you are not actively requesting reviews? Is that the case? There is a review request button you can press the day after the sit and the host gets notified. We always do that and also back it up with a WhatsApp message to say we’ve sent the auto request. Also reminding them of the 14 day limit.
Don’t rely on the THS automated prompts. If the HO has no further dates listed they may not go on the site for a while &, depending on their profiile settings, they may not get the messages from THS so can then easily forget about a review. Or maybe just not bother especially if you don’t actively ask for one.
Don’t feel shy to ask for a review- its a very small thing to ask for after a job well done! :blush:


As far as I know, only missing sitter reviews show as blank on a homeowner’s listing and missing homeowner reviews do not show on a sitter’s profile. Someone hopefully can correct me if that is not right. I agree with @Lokstar to not be afraid to ask for a review. I always make it clear to a homeowner that I sit for and to a sitter that sits for me that I think it’s extremely important that we review each other. It reminds me of one sit, when the owners had to return home early due to a death in the family. I knew in the days and weeks following the sit that they would be consumed with grief and the details surrounding the funeral, so I actually wrote my own review, sent it to them in an email and said that I realized that they were very busy and probably didn’t have time to tend to my review and if they wanted to, they could just cut and paste the review I had written, and that’s exactly what they did. I should mention that this was a repeat sit and I felt somewhat comfortable doing that.


@sledgejoyce that was very creative and proactive of you to write you own review rather than risk missing out on one! Well done! :clap:
And you are correct- gaps show on hosts profiles where sitters did not leave feedback/reviews (but only on the app. On the web version those past sitters don’t show up at all)
For sitters- if a host did not review them then the sit will not show up at all on their profile- neither on the app or web i.e its like the sit never happened.
Its a pain for sitters to not get a well earned review- but its better than a bad review!- and at least hosts do not see gaps on a sitters sit history. As a sitter I am happy that its only me who can see those (3) hosts who did not review us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you! I get a bit shy, and then start to worry I’ve done something wrong… As occasionally you see HO on the forum complain a sitter hasn’t left things exactly perfect and I wonder if I put the recycling in the wrong bin or missed a spot of hoovering and that’s why…

however the last sit I did (who expressed their gratitude for my sitting) didn’t leave a review but just asked me to come back! So I’m probably worrying over nothing and should be more confident in asking for a review.


@RR12345 You don’t have to be perfect- you just have to be you! :blush:
Its great those hosts have asked you back- they obviously like you a lot -but perhaps they are new(?) & just don’t realise the importance of reviews for you- as a way for them to show their appreciation and also to help you build your reputation.
Think of it differently- if this were a paid job you’d be expecting payment at the end and, if you were not paid directly, or in a timely manner, you would send a reminder! You’ve earned your payment! Same as after a sit-you have earned a review! I see a review as a formal completion of the sit and it is a small thing to expect after you’ve put your heart & soul into it.
If you feel shy to ask for a review don’t forget… you and the hosts are equal in this exchange. You are giving a valuable service- without monetary payment- and they are providing accomodation- without charge. You are equals and reviews are the currency of this exchange. :wink: