Gaps in reviews

We’re about to do a sit, and long story short the owners originally had 2 sets of dates (as they thought it may have been easier to get cover that way), but we are doing both sets of dates as they run continuously. However, on THS it meant they accepted us for both ads.

So I can only ask the owner for 1 review, as it’s for the whole period. But as there’s two sets of dates, so will that look bad on my profile when one of these periods will have no review?

What do owners that read my profile actually see for a sit with no review?

Both you and your hosts can review the two sits. I always review my repeat sits. You can either copy the first review or write something along the lines of “This is a repeat sit please take a look at the detailed review below”.

edit: p.s. or, as in your case, you can only mention that this is an extension of the previous sit


Hi @HappyDeb - A similar thing once happened to us, I spoke to customer services who kindly changed the dates into one continuous sit.

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Great, I’ll try that, thanks

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When I look at reviews, if I see a sit without a review I always check to see if that person has sat for them before. If so, I just assume they didn’t leave another review because it was a repeat sit, so it doesn’t count in my mind as a blank review.


Just a quick update for anyone else needing help with this. It’s all sorted.

I did as @Colin suggested and sent an email to customer services, and well within 24hours it was all sorted (probably within 12 hours), they automatically changed the dates to make it 1 continuous stay, instead of 2, and sent me an email to say it was all sorted.

It was my first time contacting customer services, 1 email to them and it was sorted automatically. Brilliant!

Thanks @Colin and thanks customer services!


In this situation I’d leave the dates as they are and ask for two reviews! It helps with the numbers- the more reviews the better! We’ve done that a couple of times. We also then give 2 feedbacks. :blush:

My understanding is that sitters “gaps” do not show up on their profile the same way they do for owners