No review for pet parent

Hi guys! I went to a sit abroad for 10 day for a cat. It went well, though we couldn’t meet with the owner as she arrived later. She liked my sit, I even left a gift and a review. And she texted me that she would write me a review, but she never did and I texted her like 2-3 other times. What should I do? It was my first sit and you all know how hard it is to gain trust of a pet parent without review on the website. Do you have any advice? Maybe texting THS for requesting a review from her again? It is just really sad and annoying that I put all my money and energy into it and I got nothing in return(just a review that takes 2 mins).

Has she had other sitters? Did she leave then reviews?

@OlivérandLídia do you mean no review from Pet Parent?

I totally understand your disappointment in not getting a review . However I hope the sit went well and that you had a great holiday ?

How long ago did this sit finish - each party only has 14 days to submit a review so if it’s gone past that it’s too late .

If you were selected for this sit without previous reviews than I am confident that you will be selected for others in the future. Also gaps in reviews don’t show up on a sitters profile .

@Silversitters , on the app I have seen gaps in sitter’s reviews. In fact, I noticed this just last night. The sitter had left the owner a nice review but the sit appeared on her profile with no review. This owner had had three sitters. She left #2 a nice review but no review for either #1 or #3.

@OlivérandLídia , at the risk of being a pest since time is of the essence if it were me I would send them a note explaining the new review system and the fact that there are only ___ days left to submit a review or the opportunity will be lost. And since you are starting out a review is extremely important to you as owners base their selections on a sitter’s prior reviews. If they feel you did a good job, could they please take a minute to write a short review? That you are so sorry to ask again and that you hope they understand. That you tried to give them a great experience and hope you were successful and that you would be forever grateful— or something like that. Let us know what happens. I wish you luck.


@mars that’s a good spot maybe another new feature of the new review system as previously these couldn’t be seen . It makes sense that both a sitter and the owner’s missing reviews appear now .

I would ask again and explain it would really help your profile if they could leave a review for you, especially with it being your first sit. I know how hard it personally feels when an HO doesn’t leave a review, when you have really loved taking care of their pets, and you have given a bit of your heart to the pets.
So maybe try once more to contact them, but then you will need to switch off and move on (that’s easy to say, but not so easy to do).