How long to wait for a review?

I completed a week-long sit just over a week ago, and my last exchange with the HO was a positive one thanking me for the great sit. (I had arrived to quite a messy home, little effort made for me but left it spotless for them, as that is my standard). I have requested a review but had zero response so far. I don’t want to hassle anyone, so just wondering how long is reasonable to wait for a review? It’s my third sit with THS and the previous ones happened straight away.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Cactuscat I am assuming you already sent the request for a review via the THS site so I wondered, have you tried sending them maybe a WhatsApp message or similar to ask for a review and explaining the importance of this for you. Sometimes the HO means to write a review and then life in general gets in the way and perhaps it has slipped their mind so a WhatsApp or similar text etc may be all that is needed. Perhaps they are new themselves and don’t understand the protocol for reviews & feedback.

I have attached another thread you may wish to read.

I hope you manage to get in touch with them and secure a review. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Assuming that you clicked the Request review button already and it’s been a week, I would probably send a brief note through the platform saying something along the lines of, “Now that you’ve had time to settle in, I’d really appreciate it if you could find a couple of minutes to write a brief review of my time with <pet name(s)>. Reviews are so important for sitters. I’ll provide (or have provided) feedback for you as well. Thank you very much for taking the time!”

If you haven’t clicked the Request review button, you can click it and then put your note in there asking them to take a few minutes and that notification should spur them on.

Good luck!

I just recently completed my first 2 pet sits On each one I waited a day, wrote my review, sent them a request, then texted the day after asking them to fill out the review request. Both wrote their reviews within 24 hrs

Most of the time I get a review within a day or 2 of requesting. But I just got a review a few days ago from a sit that ended on NYE - almost 3 months ago. Now that I have 60 reviews I don’t stress too much, but when I first started I wanted every review I could get!


Well, @toml that’s because you are an awesome sitter…I have first hand experience!

Me too! I’ve just completed my 3rd sit more than a week ago and no response as yet. I think I’ll wait a bit longer but will definitely follow up if nothing after a couple of weeks as I believe as a HO and a sitter, every review is important.

@therealtassiegirl Have you requested the review through THS website? If not, do as then it is on record you have done it. Include a friendly note saying the review is the final part of the sitting process so you would appreciate it being completed. Don’t wait any longer as it’s already been over a week. Your feedback (don’t do until you’ve received your review) is of equal importance for them to secure future sitters which they may not realise. Good luck!

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Thank you @temba yes, I did request a review through THS as I’m keen to be building my profile. I know the sit went very well but im just loathe to feel like I’m hassling people. Perhaps THS can do something in system settings to ensure sitters and HOs cannot reapply again until previous reviews are sent. This would encourage both parties to complete.

With some people you’ll wait forever. I had two home owners who ghosted me after my pet sit although everything went well.
You can’t force anyone, but you could try to ask again nicely… good luck