How to request for a review and when

So far we only received excellent reviews because we do our outmost to make sure that the HO is very happy.
I was wondering what your experiences are in getting a review. Do you ask for it immediatly after the housesit, few days after that?
I was thinking of asking during our sit what we could do better or if they happy but that leaves the HO to ask for more items to be done.
Right now we have already done more than what we agreed upon.

What is your experience with this? Always happy to learn,

Hi @airwolfke
I don’t understand why you would ask the HO if there is anything else that you could do better when you have not yet completed your sit. They will not know until they have returned. Anything that they would want doing would be documented in either the Welcome Pack or alternative document.
I always ask for a review as soon as I can which is the day after the sitting finishes. The HO may receive a reminder email but I use the link which you can find on your dashboard and ask them that way.

I always leave a thank you/welcome back note for the homeowner and at the end I mention how important reviews are for sitters and ask them to please review us at their earliest convenience. That works almost all of the time.k I wait 5 days to send the link through the system if We have not gotten our review. I have only had one homeowner who I had to follow up with to get our review and it turns out, he thought that his wife had already done it and was very apologetic.


We wait 3 days after the sit is finished to give the HO chance to leave a review unprompted. After that, we send a message explaining the importance of reviews and ask them if they would mind leaving one


A loosely connected question: yesterday I finished a house sit to which I’d been invited by direct communication through THS. The sit did not appear on my ‘schedule/calendar’ and so I have no ‘link’ to send the HO to prompt her to leave a review for me. She and I both want to do this but I can’t see anything to begin the process. Can anyone help please?

Morning @LTD , just to clarify… did she:
a) invite you to a sit but then not subsequently list it and go through the acceptance process, or
b) listed it after direct comms, you accepted, but it just didn’t appear?
Let me know and I’ll see how best to deal with it :slight_smile:

Thanks Vanessa,
I don’t know why the sit invite didn’t appear, but I think she and I followed the second option you’ve given. ‘Listed it after direct communication, I accepted, it didn’t appear’.
The first sit invite IS in my inbox: it is Sophie, from Malmesbury.
Can you locate it?

Here is the message I have just left in my inbox. The sit DOES appear there but NOT on my dashboard.

‘‘Morning Sophie,
Thank you for your voicemail yesterday.
I’ve notified THS that although the house sit appears here, it doesn’t appear in my ‘feedback’ which means I cannot comment on the sit and I believe, neither can you until THS uploads it. So as soon THS does this, I’ll leave feedback and if you could do so too, that would be great. Hugs to M x3 plus the lawn mower!’’

Hi Laura… we will take a look at this today and talk to MS as it maybe they are already looking at this. Will get back to you later :slight_smile:

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