Is it recommended to ask the owner each time after a sit for a review/feedback on you as a sitter?

I was wondering if as sitter, we need to inquire to the owner for a review/feedback after being their sitter or do most owners know to provide a review? If I were to ask, what’s the best way to inquire in a text message? (As in what to say)

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Hi @sincerelyjan - most home hosts will leave you a review without you having to ask. They can leave the review from the day after you leave, I would give it a week after that before asking.

If they still have not left a review after a week I would send them a message preferably direct if you have their contact details.

“Hi **** could you please spare a minute to leave me a review via your trusted housesitter account. Good reviews are really important to me as they give future home hosts the confidence to consider me when they are choosing their next sitter”


@sincerelyjan there is an option on the site to request a review after a sit. If you go to your review section- it looks different on app or desk top- then scroll down to the relevent host where you will see a Request Review button to press. This brings up an automated request you can send directly or you can edit it to make it more personal (we always adapt it) We always send this request the day after the sit finishes and follow up a week or so later if there has been no response. We’ve had the odd host send a review immediately- before we’ve had the chance to send our request- but most hosts seem to need a little prompting- before they get back into daily life and forget all about the sitter!!

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@Colin @Lokstar thank you both for your reply and advice.