Can’t find where I leave feedback or ask for a review…Probably being v stupid…???

Hi @apresmoiledeluge - go to your dashboard and click on your profile image. You will get a dropdown list - I think you can leave feed back from the day after the sit finishes.
Personally, I would not ask for a review until a couple of weeks after the sit finished, best to give the home owner chance to leave one unprompted first

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@Colin, I find it interesting to see how we handle asking for a review. I have an email prepared before I leave the sit, and send it as soon as I’ve left. In it I say that I recognize that they will have other priorities on returning home and that they may not get to it for a while, but remind them of the importance of a review for me. I almost always get them within a day or two. I then write my review. I choose to wait for the homeowner to write a review, before doing mine. Just my preference and it’s worked well for me so far.


I have responded to this question on another thread. Like @Snowbird , I ask for the review on the first possible day, which is the day after the sitting has ended. I send a personal email and then I send the THS link.
Usually, I receive the review from the HO that day. As soon as I receive it I then write the feedback one for the HO