Seeing sitters previous sits

Is there any way of seeing where/how many previous sits an individual has completed if there are no reviews showing on their profile yet they are talking about their previous sits and homeowners.?

If they have done any THS sits they will all be listed on the App. You will be able to read their reviews/feedbacks, if any, and you will see gaps if none was given.
On the desktop version you won’t be able see those gaps.


If the sits were arranged through THS then they will be on the app - if there are sits showing but no reviews then this is potentially a reg flag and definitely something to ask the potential sitter about .
If these were privately arranged - not through THs platform - the sitter can still have references on the THS . If these are also missing , this is something you can definitely ask for .

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Thanks for your reply, will take a look once I’ve cleaned the house now that the sitter has left :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, will take another look, it seems that some/all of the sits were via another site and she may be relatively new to THS.

@Jo27 It sounds like it was not such a positive experience for you if the sitter did not clean up after themselves. I’m sorry to hear that- they have let the sitters side down… Next time make sure you choose a sitter with reviews of some sort. If not from THS then from elsewhere. If a sitter has done sits through another platform they can request those hosts to write a review for their THS profile. It will appear as an external ‘reference’ The more reviews and references a sitter has the better- that’s why sitters are so keen to build up their profile- it can be very reassuring for hosts to see a solid track record.
Make sure to write an honest review for this sitter. You could mark them down on the clean and tidy category to show your disatisfaction. And/or you can tell this privately.

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