How Do I Check HOs' Previous Reviews?

Hi. I see a lot of references in these threads to the importance of looking at reviews left by HOs for previous sitters - or vice-versa?
But I have no idea how to do this.
Is it because I work via the THS website, on my laptop, rather than via the app?

Can you download the app on to your phone? You can then just click around to see others reviews very easily.

No, I use my laptop and I can see the reviews easily for pet/home owners, so I would imagine it’s the same for you to see sitters reviews.

Not sure how pet/home owners view sitters profiles, but as I view a sitters profile on my laptop, at the top is the ‘Our Experience’ section, and then ‘Reviews’ is the next bit down.

Maybe the people you are looking at, don’t have any reviews as yet.

One way is to look at reviews received by the HO, then click on the sitter who left it. If the HO wrote a review for that sitter it should be there. I use the app and can’t say whether this works in the browser version, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t.

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it should say Sitter Reviews on your laptop…you just click on that to read the reviews. Its towards the end of their posting…if you dont see any there, then they are probably new to the platform and have not had a pet sitter yet.

I don’t know if there is a way to click and see all the reviews at once that a host wrote. I know that I just click on the sitter when I see the reviews the sitter left. That takes me to the sitter’s page where I can browse the reviews the host left for that sitter. So technically it could be time consuming but this way I can compare the two “stories” to see how they align.

@fledermaus it is much better to use the app for checking reviews. It gives more info than the web version so you get a more complete overview of the review status. For example if you look on a sit listing on the app you will see all previous sitters for that sit. If they left a review it will show and if they did not there will be a blank space below their name. On the web version you will only see the sitters who left a review. The others will be absent. So if no sitter left a review it would appesr like there have been no previous sitters which is very misleading!
Therefore you might think the host is a first timer (OK) but then you go on the app and see they had 3 previous sitters who left no reviews (big red flag!!) A very different story!

To view the reviews the HO gave previous sitters you just have to click on the sitters picture and look for that sit on their profile. If the HO gave a review it will show with the relevent dates. If they did not review then that sit will not exist on that sitters profile (at least not for public viewing- the sitter themselves will have the sit listed but without a review)
I hope that all makes sense!

That only works if the sitter is still a member.

Yes ofcourse- same for HOs…

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