How do I see how many previous sitters a HO has had

I keep seeing mentions of ‘…if a HO has had previous sitters who have left no reviews that is a red flag…’ BUT how do I see if a HO has had previous sitters that did not leave a review. If I click on a listing it, of course, shows reviews left by sitters who have chosen to leave one. But where does it show sits for the same HO where no reviews have been left.


The THS app will show all previous sitters, with or without reviews. Unlike what you see on your computer/laptop, where you will only see previous sitters who have left a review.


Ah. OK. That’s good to know. Thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t have the app - I only use THS on my laptop. Maybe I’ll have to get more modern with my technology!

THS: Shame that all the features aren’t available for those of us who don’t use apps though.

I don’t use the app as have never got on with it, but use the website on my iPad. Any feedback from previous home owners will appear beneath the listing

I don’t think it is overly indicative. Sometimes people just forget to do reviews or give feedback.

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