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I’ve done a search in the forum and most posts that might touch on this are very out of date. I’m asking specifically from a sitter point of view NOT homeowner.

I’ve seen quite a few sitter ‘reviews’ recently that just say ‘past sitter’, however if I look for their past sits for the same homeowner they don’t seem to exist. I’ve also gone into the sitter’s profile to see if the homeowner has left any review and quite a few of them seem to indicate that this is the first sit the sitter has done for that particular homeowner.

So my question is, are these ‘reviews’ showing as ‘past sitter’ because the sitter hasn’t left a review? There is one particular sit I was looking at and the two most recent sitters are showing as ‘past sitters’, for one of them the HO left a review for the other they didn’t.

Are these really past sitters or are they just showing as that because they didn’t leave a review?

In the app, past sitters are visible even if they didn’t leave a review. On the website, only sitters who left a review appear. So if you’re using the app and you see that someone “cared for this home” in the past, but there is no review, it means they didn’t write anything.

@andrealovesanimals thanks, I understand that they didn’t write anything, my question is whether or not they are actually past sitters or new sitters that just didn’t leave a review?

OK, in that case I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. I’m sure someone else can help.

I’m not 100% sure but I think what is being referred to here is the app view of a sit when you go to ‘Feedback and Sitters’. This shows all previous sitters including those who didn’t leave a review (or feedback as it’s called for homeowners). For those who didn’t leave feedback, in the place where the stars are usually, the words ‘past sitter’ appear. Then the question is does this mean that the sitter had already sat for the homeowner in the past (and therefore may have left feedback on that previous occasion), or is it the first time they’ve sat (for that owner) and ‘past’ simply means not current. I’m not sure but I think it’s the latter.

@Elaine I recently noticed this and the answer was that

“Past sitter “ means their membership has expired -so you can’t see their reviews unless they renew their THS membership.

Hi @Silversitters - if I understand you correctly that isn’t strictly true.
I just had a look at a sit in the app where I did not leave feedback (subjective cleanliness issues). It shows me as a ‘past sitter’ and I still am an active member.

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To me, “past sitter” means any sitter who’s not currently at the home. I looked at the profile of someone I have set for twice, who has had a ton of sitters over a number of years now. Quite a few have not left reviews and all of those indicate “past sitter” regardless of their current status as THS members. I did not click on all of them, but of the ones I did, almost all are still active.

@purplepetlover ok that makes sense, so not a past sitter for that sit just a sitter who has sat in the past. So potentially a red flag if there are a few of them. Thanks.

I think I misunderstood the OPs original question!

@Elaine your post is a little confusing, perhaps because of terminology.
I’ll try to answer according to how I understand of your question.
Firstly hosts give REVIEWS to sitters and
Sitters give FEEDBACK to hosts.
This terminolgy may change when the new blind review system starts.
When you view past sits/sitters on the website (laptop or elsewhere) it is slightly different than when viewed on the phone App.
When a sitter leaves feedback for a host it will show on the host profile page. On both web & app. If the sitter left no feedback they will show up on the App as a past sitter but there will be no feedback below. On the website they will not show up as having been a previous sitter at all.
E g it could be a host had 4 previous sitters but only 1 left feedback. On the web version only the one who left feedback shows so it looks like there was only one sitter (looks ok!) but if you check the app you will see 4 past sitters but only one left feedback. (Red flag!)

With host reviews- using the example above- if you then click on each of those 4 past sitters and go into their profile you can see what kind of reviews the host gave. If you can’t find a review for that sit you will notice that the sitter has no sit listed for those dates either. I.e it will look like that sit did not exist (for the sitter on their page) The sitter himself can see missing reviews on their own profile but outside viewers cannot see that a sit took place I.e if the sitter did not get a review the sit will not show up on their profile when others view their page. But they will still show up as a past sitter for the host but only when viewing the host profile on the App! This is a big discrepancy between reviews & feedback.
It would be very helpful if THS would get rid of these confusing differences.

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