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When looking at possible sits, I have noticed that in the feedback & sitters section there seems to be an increased number of past sitters whose feedback is not available. Would it not be a better idea to keep this info available, as it is valuable when applying for a sit.

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To answer your question.

From a technical view:
If you can see a sitter name but no feedback then it is because the Sitter has not given any feedback. Even if a sitter leaves THS, a given feedback is always visible.

How you rate that is entirely up to you. Some think the Sitter was too lazy or forgot it, and therefore there is no meaning behind it. Others believe something was not so perfect, and they left it out on purposet to avoid a negative review from the HO for themselves.

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Hi Stefan,
Thanks for that it just looks as if a lot of people are no longer signed up as sitters. Could there not be some other indication to say no review / feedback was given?


If you check listings on the THS App rather than the main webpage, you can see all previous sitters - those who did not give reviews are only listed by name.


Welcome @Rose, we share different opinions about this topic, if you make a research on “feed backs” with the magnifier

Many sitters don’t leave a feed back because the owners have not left themselves a feedback (were they unpleased ? we’ll never know), some sitters are lazy, other ones waited for the HO 's feed back and are not pleased with it (so it’s a revenge), others prefer not to tell they were unahappy for any reason

So we never know (as many sitters admit they don’t dare to be negative on their feedbacks)
I don’t agree but the group seems to hesitate leaving bad feedbacks. Problem is when you don’t see a feed back, you don’t know, if there are several no feed backs, you begin to worry (and decide or not to apply) then you’re curious and discover the last 3 sitters have not left any but another one 2 years ago was enthusiastic… So your anxiety may grow if you’re the anxious type…


This is an interesting topic as when I first started with TH - a negative feedback from a sitter was I felt almost frowned upon (as was really rare) so I feel sitters just didn’t leave feedback for the sits they didn’t like and when I would look up new sits - if there was lots of previous sitters that had not left feedback - that would just be a huge red flag for me NOT to apply.

The the feedback system changed and for a while if a sitter left no feedback that just wasn’t registering that former sit at all, and I thought that was really odd (and worse than before). So I think it went back to just showing as no feedback.

Sitters I feel are being a bit more honest in their feedback, however I say that I did see a HO that had a 5 star review from a sitter couple I knew… so I sent them a private message (we’re IG friends) and I said - so how was it in ‘X’ with that dog/cat ‘X’ as I thought I’d apply… their response was "OMG don’t it was awful… yada, yada, yada!


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If there’s a sit I’m particularly keen on but the previous sitters have not left feedback - I do look at the dates of those previous sits - as people didn’t really use the feedback system several years as well as they do now, so I don’t really take really old sits with no feedback as a warning… but certainly if they are fairly recent, and have no feedback I’d have second thoughts.

Sometimes I actually apply to sits (even though I can’t do the dates) so I can message the HO and let them know that ‘although I can’t do those dates’… it would be good to get feedback from their previous sitters if they hope to get many responses. I’ve usually got thank you’s back for taking the time to let them know this.



Great Clare but did they fill the following feedback and take the opportunity to write the old ones ?

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If a member has asked us to delete their information from our system in line with GDPR, we have to delete the information written in the review/feedback.

However you will see the following, ‘Former Member’ where the member’s name should be, no written information, the star ratings will still remain. This way the members don’t lose out on their ratings.

I hope that helps in answering your question.

Kind regards,
Katie - Membership Services

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