No feedback from sitters

I’ve been a member for about 5 years. When looking at sits to apply for, I have always relied on the feedback from previous sitters. !Why aren’t sitters leaving feedback anymore? Is it a problem with lack of understanding with the protocol?

Hi @GailC1,

Welcome to the forum, I think you’ll find this thread here has pertinent information to your question. It’s possible too that some new sitters maybe just don’t know the way it works and then forget to leave feedback. It is however very useful information for both parties and helps sitters make their decision as well as helps homeowners figure out if there’s any areas they can improve.

In the future you may want to start by looking for the theme of your question in the eyeglass search function in the top right corner. Most questions about the sitting process have been discussed and you may also have some new insight to bring to those discussions as well as learn from what other members have experienced.

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Maybe you’ve just come across a few that haven’t left feedback, or maybe the owners haven’t had sitters yet? I’ve received reviews so far from all the owners and likewise left feedback about them also.

Hi @GailC1 , Sitters not leaving feedback can be a sign that there is nothing good to say . An occasional sitter may have a genuine reason for not leaving feedback but if multiple sitters for the same listing have not left feedback then I would look at that as a red flag and approach with extreme caution!


I asked one of our sitters why they hadnt left feedback for prior sits and they thought they had by hitting reply to the HOs review. I showed them how to send a HO review and they went & did it. Also, I do not think THS does a good job of sending sitters and HOs a link to click to leave a review, so some people just don’t do it.

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Agree. I had to explain that to a sitter last year.

As @Colin says, it could be a negative sign. Because of the fear of retaliation, many sitters leave no review rather than a negative review. I am a sitter and HO here, and recently contacted a sitter who hadn’t left a review for a sit I was considering. She was very honest and said that she didn’t leave the review because the sit had problems. I was able to contact that sitter because I have a sit listed and could “invite” her.


It’s a minefield. I dont think all sitters and home-owners appreciate that feedback for the home-owner is just as important for the home-owner as a review is for the sitter. And whilst it’s often said on here that ‘no review’ is red flag, sometimes it’s just an absence and nothing sinister. My (one to date) sitter took six weeks to leave me feedback and I had to nudge her twice.

As PP has said, look for patterns. Several sitters and no feedback? Do the sitters usually leave feedback for other sits and this is an anomaly?

@Lassie I’ve thought about doing that as well, sounds like you got the information you needed about the sit!

I did that for my first 3 sits :cry: super confusing because you don’t get a link.

Why can’t admin make it easier and CLEAR?

So… Do you have a rate card for your spy services? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, and the sitter thought I was “smart” to have contacted her. I would be happy to return the favor for any sitter who contacted me about a sit I did.

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No charge :smiley: