Newbie Here: How Do I Check HO profile or Reviews

I have clicked and clicked within the main THS website and searched this forum. But I have still have been unsuccessful. I’m nervous about all the information regarding red flags and want to be thorough about a sit I’m interested, safety-wise. How do I locate the HO profile? How do I tell if they are a new HO, that may not have reviews yet? If they are not new, how do I locate reviews from sitters? I know HO can see Sitter profiles. Are Sitters able to see HO profiles as well? I just want to make sure it’s legit, if I travel alone.

Maybe I’m not clicking on the correct links in their sitter request advertisement…
Please assist.

A grateful (and overly cautious) newbie,
I. M.


Hello :wave:

If a homeowner has sent you a message, then you should be able to click on their name and that will take you to their profile. (That’s how it has worked for me, as a homeowner receiving an application from a sitter.)

If you dont feel comfortable about a sit, dont accept it. Ask lots of questions before you accept it. There are currently more sits than sitters - if this one isnt right for you, there are plenty of others to choose from.


The HO actually doesn’t have a profile. The listing itself is the profile.
If a sitter has given feedback to the HO it’s to be found on the listing page.

Don’t be discouraged by all of these red flags people write about. Listen to your gut feeling, when you apply and the HO answers, ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable, do ask for a video call and ask if they can walk you through the house. Nobody is able to cover up cramped and dirty interiors for a video call.


I think a home owner has a profile if they’re a sitter as well.


Yes, that’s right. But an “only” HO only has the listing. But as there is a section to introduce yourself, it’s not that different from a profile.

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Hi @yellowsunshine When you’re looking at a listing on the website, if the homeowner has had previous sitters who left reviews, under the pet photo you will see ‘sitter feedback’. However, there may have been other sitters who did not leave a review, and you will not know that.

On the app, below the introductory part (and above the pet photos) is ‘feedbacks & sitters’ with an arrow to the right. Clicking on that will show you ALL sitters for that homeowner. If experienced sitters see past sitters who have not left reviews, it can raise some red flags.

If the homeowner is new and does not have any past sitters, the only way to be sure of that is viewing the listing on the app, in which case there won’t be a ‘feedbacks & sitters’. On the website, you can’t be sure that it’s just a case that a sitter or sitters chose not to leave a review.


Thank you for asking this. I am new here and am interested in a listing that has no reviews. I had wanted to check out the HO profile but can’t seem to find how.

The only “profile” a home owner has is the information in their listing.

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Hi. Thanks for affirming what I just found out after going through the forum.

This is something I haven’t come across so far, what is a red flag and what can it alert??? Thanks :pray:

Hi @GailB there are many threads on “red flags” just search these words using the looking glass search function. Red flags are potential negative things to look out for in listings. Here is a link to one of the threads to get you started.

Thanks Crookie

Hello @AnnaBaker and @GailB. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. Thanks for jumping into the conversations. I hope you both find you enjoy your time in the forum as much as I and so many of other other members do. This really is a great place to get answers to your pet, travel and sit questions, and to help other forum members too.

Welcome again, and thanks for joining us.

Thank you, Karen.

Hi Karen,

I am not sure if I should start a topic but here is my question:

Is it ok for the HO wanting a sitter to also double up as her PA? Doing tasks unrelated to her pets and house.


If a sitter is silly enough to be someone’s PA for free then that is up to them! :joy:

Seriously though, do you have more details of what tasks unrelated to pets/home a sitter would be expected to perform?
It sounds ripe for the sitter to be taken advantage of and something I would steer well clear of.

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Hmm. I tried to search for the listing but it is not there.

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@AnnaBaker it could be that someone saw it and reported it to membership services.