Home owner reviews

There used to be an option whereby as a sitter, not only could I see previous sitter feedback, but also the owners feedback to previous sitters.
This is particularly useful if sitter feedback is not favourable.
Is this going to be reintroduced?

I found this really useful too

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You can still find the owner’s review of the sitter on the website (not the app) if the sitters have active THS accounts. If the sitter’s name is in green, just click on their name and it will bring you to their sitter page with all of their reviews from all of their sits. You can see whether or not a specific owner left a review and read it there. If the sitters name is in black, they are not current members, so you can’t see their reviews. I always look on both the website and the app before applying because you can see some different info.


I have been using all of these ways of viewing anything I can get hold of. I never realised there were 2 different colours so now I can save time by not trying to click on a sitter who is in black.
Thanks @Southernsitter


Thank you, but this doesn’t seem to work using the app, is that correct?

Yes, it only works when you log into the website.