Owner feedback vs sitter reviews

Hi, All. We use the THS platform as both owners and sitters. When we look at the feedback for potential housesits (owners), we see how many sitters have cared for that home, even if those sitters didn’t leave the owners any feedback. It shows as “Sitter __ cared for this home” and the dates. If I click on the profile of that sitter who didn’t leave feedback, there is no indication that they did the sit shown on the owner’s side of the platform if the owner also did not review. Sitters may have completed way more (unreviewed) sits than shown, possibly a red flag. Any time there is a lack of reviews/feedback between sitters and owners, I am cautious. But owners have no way of knowing how many “missing” reviews a sitter has! All this reading between the lines has me rather baffled. Surely there is some way to add transparency and even up the playing field between owners and sitters. Any suggests or am I missing something here?


Hello, @lonnajp64 Thank you for your question and I am sure that you will get some helpful answers from the wider community :grin:

In the meantime, there have been several discussions regarding reviews and feedback and some cross-over with your question.

Here are some topic threads to have a look at, feel free to use the spyglass to find others:


The confusion is on both sides of the sit partnership. I only have a sitter account. I can see sits with no sitter reviews (aka feedback) on the app (e.g., 5 sits but only 3 reviews), but on the website only the 3 reviewed sits show and not the unreviewed ones. When I came to the forum to search for info about this anomaly I found a thread where THS indicated that they deliberately removed the unreviewed sits on the website but left them on the app. So it depends which tool you are using whether you even see those red-flag situations.


Interesting! Unlike @claudinekent, our sit and sitters have been excellent. It would be great if the THIS platform, whether on the app or website, cleared up this hazy review system. As users grow, there are bound to be more unhappy and unpleasant experiences because reviews arent honest or they don’t exist. It will hurt users and damage the reputation of THS.
Please take note, Team THS, it’s abundantly clear that sitters and owners are pretty frustrated with feedback/reviews.

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It can be confusing and misleading. For example, two of the 25 sits I was selected for were cancelled by the homeowner. In both cases, they changed the dates and I was not available for the new dates. I wish THS would delete those since 1) I didn’t do the sit and 2) It looks like I did the sit and wasn’t reviewed.

As a HO on this site as well, I look at an applicant’s reviews and feedback. One couple applied and I found that they never left reviews for the five sits they did, so I opted to not consider them as I feel leaving a review /feedback is part of the responsibility of both parties.
That’s my two cents…


Hi @lonnajp64 Thank you for your comment and highlighting that as with so many members all of your sits and sitters have been excellent. We have taken note as you suggest and the review system work and planning is underway there will be more updates as the team progress with the project which as you can imagine is a very complex one …

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Angela, thank you! I will watch for the changes. I’m sure that I am not alone in applauding THS for taking the next steps in revamping and improving the review and feedback system.


Hello @Cat_Aficionado I want to help you here, regarding those cancelled sits, can you see that the dates were changed in your inbox? If you have any date changes, cancellation messages in your inbox or even screenshots of personal messages with the owner showing that the sit was cancelled then Membership Service can look at removing those sits as they will be able to see that they did not go ahead.
You can reach them at support@trustedhousesitters.com and I will also ask them to reach out to you. Any questions feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Carla! I got an email from them and replied. Hopefully that will take care of it!

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