Do Sitters have control of reviews that show?

I searched did not see an answer to this question on the forum. I have noticed that several sitters talk about many sits they have done in their profile but then they might only have one review which is a very positive review. I dont see any reviews for the other sits they were on. I am concerned that either the other owners choose not to provide a review as it would not have been so positive or the sitter can control how reviews show, or maybe there is a system rule that takes them down after a certain amount of time? Lots of questions in there I know, my concern is 1 super positive review out of 8 sits seems weird to me.

Hi @ScottS and welcome there are many threads discussing reviews on the forum I’m sure you’ve searched for answers to the questions you’ve brought here but there’s more information and insights which you may find helpful and interesting, use the spy glass and search via the key words.

You will also find additional help and information on this and many other subjects by visiting the website’s Help Centre

The link I’ve included answers your question about member control of reviews.

Reviews are given to sitters and feedback is given by sitters. I have had sits where the owner/pet parent has forgotten to leave a review and have come back weeks later with an apology, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are avoiding giving a bad review. Same with sitters and feedback, some simply “forget” others may not even realize that they can give a overview of their sit experience.

We do communicate to members how important it is to give reviews and feedback … Some may believe that reviews/feedback are only important to new members but that’s not the case, I have many reviews and for me it’s not about how many I have but that every single one is appreciation a “job” well done and my feedback shows that mutual appreciation moving in both directions.

Many sitters will do repeat sits and may not get additional reviews, although it is good practice to request sits are arranged through the site, that way everyone involved has the benefit of the site’s support, plus reviews & feedback can be given.

Reviews and feedback are not time sensitive and don’t drop off once “old”

I hope that helps with all of your questions and I am sure you will get more feedback from other members, it is a very discussed topic.

@ScottS, it may be that they have done lots of sits with other house sitting platforms or just independently before joining THS.


It’s almost impossible to determine why some folks leave feedback/reviews and why others simply don’t at all. I’m further puzzled by someone who is admittedly a very experienced pet sitter as well as a pet owner, who leaves nothing…neither feedback for their sits, nor reviews for their pet sitters. In the decision making process, we sometimes must go with our gut instinct. However, I do read all feedback/reviews that are provided, and will scroll past sits that are obviously lacking in both.

Exactly what @Pet said. We just finished our 28th sit, but many are through other platforms or private arrangements, and one THS owner didn’t review…so it’s a real mix of reasons.

I also agree with @Pet as I have had sits/ reviews on other platforms, some of which were arranged privately. The number of reviews I have on THS is minimal compared to the number of sits. Also, there is the possibility that some people have done repeat sits for people who are no longer members, and so arranged privately and without the ability to contribute feedback afterwards.