Why can't owners see if a sitter has no review after a sit?

Dear community

I noticed that with the THS App you can see on the owners feedback site if there was a sit and if the sitter didn’t give it a review, but conversely you can’t see if a sitter did a sit and the owner didn’t give it a review.

I would find it very important as an owner to see if the sitter had many sits without reviews, that would be very meaningful to me, conversely it is also very meaningful if an owner has not received any feedback. You can see here that this topic is often discussed.

Why don’t owners have insight into the sits of sitters without reviews?
I would think that’s fair.


Yes! It would be very important to be able to see that. As we all know, not leaving a review most often means a bad experience. Sitters get that warning by looking PP profile on the app, but PPs don’t.

Hi @Coclico and @CatsAndDog. You can see when a sitter didn’t get a review for a sit in the app but not on the website. You can do that by pulling up the sitter’s profile, then clicking on Reviews & References. Then scroll through the reviews. If no review was given for a sit, the sit will be listed, but no review will show.

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Hi Karen

Excuse me, but this is not true.
I know of two sits where both, the sitter and the owner, didn’t left a review. You see it on the owner’s review site but not on the sitter’s one.

Oh, interesting! I have seen them for other sitters, and have one on my personal profile. @Therese or @Carla_C is it possible to see sits for which the PP didn’t leave a review when looking at a sitter’s profile using the app? Does this just show for me because it’s my profile?

I found this is not true as I left no review once and my sit does not show on the sitters profile at all.

Exactly, if a sitter is not reviewed you can’t find it anywhere on his profile.

I think this is a NoGo. As an owner you leave your house, your pets, everything what is absolutely important to you. I would like to know if a sitter has had no review after a sit. They also know it about the owner.

Would be nice to hear anything about that.
Thank you.

There are some circumstances where you CAN see if a sitter didn’t get a review but its not quite the same as the gaps that show in HO feedback.
You need to use the app to see this.
As a sitter when researching a sit I always click on each previous sitter- whether they gave feedback or not- to see if the host gave a review. Usually the host did give a review, but sometimes the sitter didn’t give feedback. Very occasionally when searching the sitter profile for that particular hosts review it is simply not there. It does not show as a sit with a blank space below, it is just completely missing.
I.e if you don’t know the sitter did that sit you would be none the wiser.
This is yet another descrepancy between the host & sitter profiles.
As a sitter I find it extremely helpful to see missing feedbacks- too many are a red flag. Therefore if I was a host I would find it equally helpful if I could see a sitters missing reviews. We have 3 missing reviews (out of 75)and we did not leave feedback for those three either (as they were challenging experiences). I can see those gaps on my own profile but I’m actually glad hosts can’t see them because they spoil our otherwise perfect record! :star_struck: But I do understand that hosts would like to the same transparency in seeing sitters missing reviews as we sitters see with owners missing feedbacks


Thank you, @ Lokstar, its exactly what I mean.

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We have one sit where the owner didn’t leave a review, but responded on my review of them on their site. They are no longer on THS as their dog died, so you can no longer even see their response. It looks like a gap with no review, when in fact they loved us. Guess I’m glad it doesn’t show, as all our reviews are 5*.

A missing review here or there is not a big deal, as there are many reasons (good or bad) a HO/sitter may not have left a review. So I think one missing review on your profile or three in Lokstar’s is nothing to be worried about, but if you or another prospective sitter had a large percentage of missing reviews, that is certainly a red flag!

@Karen_E Not true at all.

It is blatantly obvious on a HO’s listing (on the App). You see all previous sits, whether a sitter has provided a Review or not. On the Website you only see sits where a sitter provided a Review.

Not so for a Sitter (App or Website). When a HO looks at a Sitter’s profile, they see only those sits where a previous HO has provided Feedback.

Now, you can, if looking at a HO’s profile, click on a specific sitter (with or without a Review and if still active) and see what was/was not said by the HO. As many sitters wait first for the HO to provide a Review before providing Feedback. I do this as I want to see what a HO has said of past sitters that made them happy or that was of concern.

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As a host I do the same. I am looking how sitters reviewed hosts. I am also looking what kind of sits a sitter had before: Allways little apartments in the city or do they have experiences with hudge properties (as I have).

I would say that in 95% host and sitter are not reviewing each other after a bad experience. One bad review and it could meen for the sitter that it will be difficult to find a good sit. Perhaps its a little better for the hosts. If you have a spectaculor house in a lovely place I think they will surely find a sitter.

But I think the actual situation is not fair and not transparent.


@Mary.Willmon if that ever happens again you should ask the host to copy & paste their reply (on your feedback) directly into your review section. Its a pity the hosts in question are no longer active for you to request that now.

I confirmed a sitter for the end of the month - we chose her based on her qualifications, reviews from rover, Airbnb and the two reviews she has in THS. After reading some of the comments here I decided to see what she had said about the two HO on their page and noticed she didn’t write a review for them. Am I to assume that she had a bad experience? Previously I had a couple who were really wonderful with lots of great reviews who didn’t write me a review for over a year but I noticed they didn’t leave reviews for HO’s either.

In the future to may want to ask about these in your pre-sit phone/video call. As a sitter if I see that an owner doesn’t leave reviews or leaves very short, “canned” reviews, I don’t apply.

That seems strange to me. At some point, I would advise making a point with your impending Sitter that you would appreciate a Review when the Sit is complete. Let him/her know that you will definitely be writing a review/feedback, and you would really appreciate the same.

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@ THS, moderaters:

Could you please answer the question of this thread?

We found out now that hosts can’t see missed reviews on a sitters profile, that sitters can see own missed reviews and that sitters can see the missed reviews of hosts.


This is absolutely not fair and against every rules of fair behaviour.

As a host that gives my whole privacy to a foreign person I want to bee able to judge a sitter with all details. I want to know if a sitter had 20 5* reviews and 20 missed reviews. I just want to know that.

Please answer to the question. Thank you.


Hi @Coclico

I can certainly understand your frustration with this. As moderators on the forum, the best we can do is to let the product team know your questions and concerns, which we have now communicated onto them. I would also reach out to membership services for a clearer and more official answer.

On a side note, the new review system is being introduced very soon which will change the whole review structure and how it is viewed. I am not sure of the intricacies of how it will display, but it is been a long awaited request from many members.