Adverse Feedback

I have so far had the pleasure of good compatible Pet Sits with five star reviews. I feel pleased that my efforts as a Pet Sitter have been appreciated by the HOs.
The question I raise is that for any Pet Sitter who receives a negative review, once that Home Owner leaves THS, can the Pet Sitter’s Reply to the HO,'s negative review be seen.
I think its important to retain a balanced view, & that the Pet Sitters Reply can also be seen by HOs who might be considering an application.


Not a negative response, but as far as I can see, the reply to a review remains, as does the review, once an owner leaves/becomes inactive.

I don’t do many of these replies, but this is an example from a sit I did a few times, and the owner is no longer on THS.


You are fortunate to still be able to see your review from the HO. We had a lovely review a couple of years ago that I had hoped would stay up but when the homeowner left THS, it left with her. She has since renewed her membership and is herself an active sitter. It was really well written. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve just looked and we have all our reviews, first one October 2017. I wondered if they only kept them for three years but apparently not.

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We’ve kept our membership active for several years and her review was in the middle of a few. Our response to her review is still there, just not her review. Strange. I will ask THS to look in to it. Thanks :blush:


HI @DMJ I can see the review in question, Peter has already tagged @Therese-Moderator and she will pick this up for you when she is back online after the weekend.

Just for reference @Petermac When any member has been inactive for 2 years according to GDPR rules we are obliged to delete all personal data

Thank you so much!

Hi @DMJ to pick up from @Petermac and @Angela-HeadOfCommunity
If an account has been removed/deleted in its entirety (due to a member’s request or due to our obligation for the deletion of personal data after a 2 year dormant period), the star rating would remain, but the homeowners’ text would disappear as this was linked to the HO’s account. As your response is linked to your sitter account, this remains. We felt it was important that sitters do not lose their star rating for any sit should a homeowners account have been deleted.
I hope this helps give more clarity.
Best wishes

Hi @Therese-Moderator I don’t really understand your reply. In the screenshot below from 2017 (5 years ago), both owners are no longer members, and I am sure have not been for more than 2 years - one dog passed away not long after I was there, so 2017, the other 2018, but both reviews and full text remain.

Hi @Petermac I have checked on these two homeowners and they are both ‘currently inactive’ - therefore they have a dormant account (so not fully deleted), so hence your reviews are still visible. Our management team are slowly working through the data removal list, but there may also be some members who have requested that their accounts remain, which we will honour.
Hope that helps a little more.

So a quick count shows the text from 16 of my 34 reviews may at some point disappear - owners are currently inactive. None have been deleted so far… Your management is VERY slowly working through the data removal list.

This is actually quite worrying - what about sitters with more reviews, long-time sitters/members?
@Angela-HeadOfCommunity for instance?

I now understand the original poster’s @dma concerns that her reviews are no longer available.

Edit: Nope still don’t understand your reply. I have just looked at Angela’s profile and she has 86 reviews going back to 2012 with text from owners. You are not going to tell me they are all inactive, dormant, or waiting for the Management team to review.

I have some time on my hands this week -

Just to add my penny’s worth.
We have 55 reviews which clearly show when we look at our reviews on the site. However our profile only shows 19 and they are all the older ones. The newest one on our profile is November 2019. The profile is what our prospective pet owners look at. They can’t see the five star recent ones which are on the site. Why?

This might explain why pet owners are being very hestitant about our experience. We are being out at a deistic disadvantage. If THS can only show 19 reviews on a profile why not 19 of the newest ones?

@ElsieDownie the 19 are a snapshot on a preview that only you see. I can see all 55 when I look at your profile, as can an owner. :wink:

Phew. Thanks for that reassurance. We do have one with only a star rating and lots with no profile picture. I’m assuming the ones without the profile picture are no longer members but not reached the two years so the data is still there.