HO Leaving a great review but no stars!

I’ve been looking through some sitter profiles. Most have 5 starts under their name but a few have only 4. When I went to check why it’s often because one of their reviewers have left a glowing review but not clicked on the start rating hence leaving no stars which in turn brings the sitters overall rating down to 4 stars.
Has this happened to you? As this is obviously a mistake could a sitter ask THS to intervene to bring the sitters rating back up to 5 stars?

HI @Colin thank you for posting this question and the answer is yes Membership Services will pick this up for the sitter member.

If it is an owner mistake ,some are not sure about the star ratings and others have missed them completely as you have noticed, then it can be corrected very easily once MS has been advised to do so by the owner.

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Happened to me once, but didn’t correct it. I got the repeat sit the following year, so must have been ok - and I reminded the HO to check the stars!

This did happen to me when I didn’t get the rating for pet care, Membership Services wouldn’t change it until the HO contacted MS. So has it now changed that MS will contact the HO?

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@Petermac - wouldn’t that drop your visible rating down to a 4star making you look like a less desirable option for future homeowners?

That would be really frustrating as a sitter, I would be so upset if my average went down to a 4 because someone didn’t leave stars, especially if it was a great review!

Making the stars mandatory when leaving a review would be an easy way to prevent this from happening in the future. Would TH consider not letting a review submit until the stars have been chosen?


If a sitter brings it to the attention of Membership Services and it is a genuine mistake, MS they will amend the review at the request of the owner.

It did for a wee while, but now I have so many (!) my average is back at 5*

It was a couple of years ago and I had a few other sits already booked, so didn’t really make a difference at the time…

I think at the time the stars on the review page were at the end, and she had just written the review and pressed send without even noticing the stars at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks Angela

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this happened to me with an external review that a Home Owner provided on my request. She gave me a glowing review but rated me as one star on everything. Obviously a mistake and one I only recognized as negatively impacting years later. All THS could suggest was that I contact her, ask her to revisit the site and correct it. Having imposed on her once to visit the site (she is not a member) I did not feel I could ask her again, years later, to go through the whole process again. THS said they could not fix the star rating although they agreed it was obviously a mistake

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Actually have a sort of follow in problem from this. Have just done a repeat sit. 2nd this yer for the sme person but they didn’t give me a review aftervthe first shorter sit. I now have this weird feeling that it’s going to be a bit of a struggle to actually get a review let lone stars. Had a great repartee during the sit and a happy HO upon returning home actually stayed and had a coffee with after they arrived home. But because of the non-review after the first sit I’m hoping this does turn into me having to beg for a review. Anybody else had something like this ?

@Maggie When you were there the second time did you mention the lack of review the first time around?

Colin, No I had actually already mentioned it in between the two sits so i ended up saying well i’ ll wait until the second sit then for a review. I don’t like having to remind the HO’s (actually didn’t like having te re-mention it) and have never had any problems before with getting reviews. As I have a number of sort of semi-permanent sits as well, I just ask them for an update once a year. So that is also why my review number doesn’t tally up with my sit number

Not had a first missing before a repeat, but sometimes on the repeats we have to do some gentle reminding. If a review is a while coming we usually message and just mention how beneficial it is for us both to have a complete history on the site, as it helps them as well when sitters are looking at whether or not to apply. That’s worked for us so far. I find 3times+ repeats harder to ask for but do think they are an important part of the value exchange so always do - hope you get yours without having to do too much prompting. Are you able to see if reviews have been left for other previous sitters?

I think if you have a few reviews under your belt anyway then it is not such an issue but, for example, for us, as new sitters trying to get our first few reviews it would be a real blow for a HO not to leave one. I don’t think they always understand how important they are.

Colin & Vanessa. I’ll just wait this week.
But as I say I don’t ask recurring sits for e new review everytime (i have one sit that I’ll be doing agin in july and i’ve already sat 3 times in the last year but only asked end of last year for an update review. I trust that other HO’s would see that I do re-sit for the same people so that says enough i hope


yes it’s important certainly for new sitters to get reviews as it can help you start off a wonderful time traveling to meet new people and their der pets. I myself was lucky to be able to get a last minute sit for someone whose sitter had canceled t the last minute as my very first sit. Hope you’ve had some good sits and reviews or will very soon

We are currently on our first sit and we were lucky to get this. I applied, was declined but then his chosen sitter could not make it so he got back to us! . We have four more confirmed so fingers crossed as long as travel does not scupper any of our home owners by September we will have a few reviews under our belt .


Great sounds like you’re in for many adventures this summer ! enjoy

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For most of us the review is everything. You feel cheated if you sit a second or third time, have done a really good job and the HO doesn’t bother because they’ve done it once already. It would the equivalent of saying well i looked after your pet and home once already so you don’t need me to do it again.
My way around this is to say at the beginning very clearly that the review is the most important part of offering to sit and that it works both ways. It’s usually enough to make your point.