Star system for reviews

I really dislike the initial starring system for reviews. If you’re not careful, it’s easy to accidentally leave too few stars and it’s happened to us again. Our last sit (repeat sit, always 5*) only shows 2* whereas the owner gave us 5* for all the individual categories. This will make other owners wonder what we did wrong. Can you please amend it and maybe do away with the initial starring which is so clunky and not really relevant now you have starring by category as well.

Hi @Diggy

You will need to get in touch with THS to have the mistake rectified.


@Diggy Where this is a repeat sit, you obviously have a good rapport with these owners. Just contact them and let them know what they have accidently done. They will be mortified! They are the ones who need to contact Membership Services to have it adjusted then all will be well.

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Thank you for your help, much appreciated and actioned as suggested.