Misleading star rating on review

Can anyone help please?

I have received a review which recommends me and rTes me as
5 stars on all categories. The problem is the overall rating you first see is only 1 star. Can this be revised?

Unless you actually read the review it looks pretty bad. I’m guessing that most HO’s will just see 1 star and not read any further. Is there anything that can be done about this? The chat facility just directs me to membership services which directs me back to the chat bot.

THis could seriously impact any future sits.


Denise, I’m sure the host meant to give you five stars. I believe if they contact customer service, they can change it.


The homeowner can contact member services by e-mailing them


Alternatively if you message the host asking if they intended to give you a 1 star - when they reply and say no it was supposed to be 5 star you can screenshot the message and e-mail it to the above address.


Thank you.

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@Denice let us know how you get on .

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@Denice I had exactly the same thing happen. The homeowners were mortified as they believed they had given me a 5 star review. I gave them the emsil for membership services and it was quickly corrected.


I think it’s a glitch, because I’ve read it on about 4-5 occasions now. Perhaps admins can forward this to membership services.


Hello @botvot Thank you for alerting admins :slight_smile: I thought I would help and share the review thread as issues with leaving stars were recently discussed there. New review system - Mega thread - #426 by Carla (there are a few comments from this comment down that explain what happens)

The team have mentioned that there are no glitches in the system, but if anyone accidentally leaves the wrong number of stars then Membership Services is always happy to help with that.