5-star review mistake DESTROYED my overall rating on THS!

The homeowner literally wrote in her review: “Five stars for Glenn!” – however she forgot to use the starred rating system; she didn’t actually click on the stars!

This resulted in my now having a 4-star overall rating, even though ALL my reviews have been overwhelmingly 100% positive. This is a tremendously harmful state of affairs, as homeowners will now overlook me as a potential candidate.

In the future, perhaps the system could be set up to not allow reviews to be submitted unless (or until) ‘stars’ have been selected?

Can someone at Trusted House Sitters PLEASE fill in the 5-stars that were so obviously intended by the homeowner? (This pertains to the most recent review, left on September 20th.)

Thank you in advance for ANY help that you can provide!

Hi @Talos_4U same thing happened to me back in 2018 on about my 8th sit. 30 sits on now and it hasn’t made a bit of difference.
Anyway, I think you need to ask your HO to contact member services by email and ask them to amend the review.


Hi @Talos_4U and welcome to our community Forum, I’m sorry that a problem has brought you here but we can help so please don’t be too alarmed, it’s a mistake that has happened before.

As @Petermac says this can be rectified by Membership Services, the owner will need to contact membership services although in her review she has written "5 Stars to … " but omitted to add the stars.

I will tag @Therese-MembershipService who will be able to help …

I hope you will stay with us here on the forum as I’m sure you have some wonderful experiences to share and we are sure that you will enjoy connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

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I sincerely appreciate your help with this @Angela-CommunityManager ! I understand the reasoning behind the policy about not altering reviews… however THIS particular case is extraordinarily clear – where the reviewer CLEARLY intended to leave a 5-star rating… by writing it in her review! Do you feel that strict policies should still be subject to (rare) exceptions in extraordinary circumstances such as this?

Please know that contacting the homeowner to correct this turns me into a PITA. (Pain In The A**.) This will be perceived as my problem, plus nobody likes to have their mistakes pointed out. Being a PITA, pointing out errors, and asking for favors from a busy person is not a good way to maintain a relationship. I feel this is easily understandable. Can THS please make an exception in THIS specific (and justified) case?


@Talos_4U I’m sure Membership Services will use their discretion and correct this in the most appropriate way …

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@Talos_4U We’ve had the same thing happen in the past a couple of years ago, and then again just recently. Each time we’ve reached out to the homeowner who was surprised that 5-stars weren’t showing. Since they aren’t able to update their review, we then emailed customer support, who checked with the homeowner to confirm intentions, and then update THS updated it for us. We’re in the middle of this process again, but we’re sure it will end up just fine.

Just as @Petermac mentioned, no biggie! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager for your help with this - I sincerely appreciate it. Will Theresa (or someone else) from Membership Services be contacting me directly? Or contacting the homeowner? Please let me know, as I am unaware of the protocols involved in resolving this.

And thank you everyone else for chiming in - I’m sorry to hear that others have encountered the same problem, but glad to learn that this will (hopefully) get fixed in the end.

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@Talos_4U Let me look into this for you and will email you directly from membership services.

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Just as a follow up, and as a reference to those who may be looking at this forum thread in the future, the staff at THS is following up on this to help resolve the problem. (Much to my relief – and Thank You!)

They are also looking into correcting the rating system so that people can not inadvertently leave a review without making a selection from the ‘star’ system menu. That will help preclude this from occurring again in the future, which will not only save a lot of grief for community members, but also save the staff at THS a lot of time & effort to fix a recurring problem.

A HUGE thank you again to @Angela-CommunityManager and @Therese-MembershipService for your help!


Hi @Talos_4U , I’m glad membership services are able to help you with this, but just wanted to reassure you that if I was the HO in question it would not faze me at all if you contacted me and explained about me having omitted to complete the actual star rating… especially if you explained it clearly and sympathetically like you have on here…


Just a follow up to close out this thread…

Thanks to the attentive help of the THS staff, this problem has now been resolved with a positive result. I am very thankful to learn that THS takes customer service seriously, and is willing to step in and help when issues arise.

Perhaps this, as well as other attributes, has been why THS has become the dominant platform in the industry. Thank you again to everyone who has chimed in here, and especially to @Therese-MembershipService and @Angela-CommunityManager!