New review system - Mega thread

Hello @temba Therese is currently not online so I am happy to help with this one :slight_smile:

@Reliablesitter @Manfred The overall number of stars for sitters and owners is not prefilled and appears blank as per @Lassie screenshot. The member then needs to select the number of stars they would like to give overall. So for example, if you want to give 5 stars you click on the 5th star and all five stars will be filled in. This applies to both the app and the website.

Hopefully to offer some reassurance the way the stars are filled is in alignment with other review sites, there was also user testing on how intuitive it was to complete the stars. However, mistakes can happen so If anyone chooses the wrong number of stars then the Membership Services team are more than happy to manually update it for you.

@Manfred That does sound strange, please feel free to send me your registered email address via DM and I can get this looked into for you as you should not be seeing any prefilled stars when you leave a review.

I hope that helps and this is a good prompt as I am off to leave a review for my sit I just finished :smiling_face:

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