An Idea for Review / Feedback System

I know this subject has been covered a lot but I haven’t seen any solution, aside from a system similar to Airbnb (which I agree would work better). I’m traveling right now and using a site called Hipcamp, like Airbnb for campers. I like their review system, part is anonymous and maybe something like this would help. In addition to a written statement, here’s what the review system looks like. Somehow “mixed feelings” seems nicer than a 3 star vote, and there are about 7 anonymous questions. Just a thought!

I like the categories!

Me too! Helps think of things that might be important for the next person to consider. Obviously THS needs different categories than Hipcamp but it’s a start.

Thank you for the feedback @Shafofo an interesting system I’m sure the team will take a look again with interest … this is a matter in discuss and has been for a while.