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I finished a sit on Saturday, today is Tuesday and I have had no email or message reminding me to leave a review for the sit. (To answer the questions you will next ask about this, yes I get the trusted times, and other communication, no I have no other sits booked)

Today I got an email saying congratulations on my 5 star review, please leave a review for your sit. Because it said congratulations on your 5 star review I assumed this was part of the old review system, after all, it’s not a blind review if it told me I got 5 stars. I went to do a review on the browser, I could see my review behind a pop up box asking how many stars I would give, though couldn’t read it all. This is all that was in the box, no mention of a new review system, no explanation that I won’t be able to see my review until I’ve left a review, and that I have 14 days to do this, NOTHING. I clicked 5 and then it asked for my review. Thinking I was still on the old system, (albeit changed) I clicked on the X in the corner of the box, it was there, and I could, the box went away but I couldn’t see my review . I then could find no way to get the box back, reopened the browser etc, nothing about leaving reviews in the drop-down menu where they used to be. Again NOTHING .
I opened the App, through the notification about my review even though I would much not do that sort of thing on the phone, and there was the review that had been left for me. I read it in its entirety, before a box appeared asking my to leave my review, so not blind, and still with no mention of a new system. If I didn’t read the forums I would have no idea, but all I can say is that with no notifications the whole process was a complete disaster. This cannot be correct!

I got a review from my most recent sit this morning and it was still the old system. I could read theirs. I havent done their feedback yet as I’m in transit and its one Ill really need to think about deeply before I write it.

@JackieX , I don’t think the new system has kicked in yet


@JackieX - as the new system has not been rolled out yet (as far as I know), are you sure you aren’t leaving a review on Trust Pilot rather than for the homeowner? It has happened many times before and can be misleading.
Congratulations on your review.


Hello @JackieX I just wanted to assist you further and confirm what the other forum members have advised you. The new hidden review system has not yet been launched and we will let members know when it goes live.

It sounds like you were seeing the newish pop-up prompt on your dashboard which opens as a box with the stars at the top, if you cross out of that box then you can go to your drop-down menu and select ‘past sits’ this will take you to where you can view your recent review and leave your feedback.

I can see in this case you have successfully managed to leave feedback for the owner. Congratulations on your review :grin:

Feel free to DM me with any questions.


Thank you all, it was my failure to look in past sits that meant I didn’t know where to need a review

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Frankly be careful what you wish for!!! I am very happy with the present review system in so far
as one is encouraged to focus on the positive sides of things and leave out aspects which may not have been so perfect, because hey nothing is perfect - Just like you would do with a friend who has offered hospitality. Why use the AirBnb review system when it is based on money rather than trust? Airbnb reviews are awful in a way and impersonal. I am very skeptical about this change and afraid it will turn users as mere consumers instead of friends. Voilà!

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The new review system hasn’t started yet. I’m sure they’ll announce it when it does

That’s correct @Smiley :+1:t2:

@Pearl1 -

Why would you want to be friends with a home host who invites you into a filthy home or to a home where the dog is highly reactive, bordering on dangerous?

Why would you want to be friends with the fellow sitter who sat in that filthy home or the home with the highly reactive dog before you but chose not to warn you by mentioning it ?

Why would you want to be friends with a sitter who didn’t clean your cat’s litter tray out for a month?

I agree, so why pretend that it is by failing to mention any negative aspects of a sit?

Let’s not forget, that the vast majority of listings and the vast majority of sitters are good/great/amazing and will continue to get the 4/5 stars and positive comments that they deserve.


I would never go to a place which is filfthy with agressive animals, simple as that! Thanks to video calls and various exchanges you get a pretty clear idea where you are landing. Maybe I have just been lucky! Maybe some people are nit picking. Bonne chance!

Just to be clear I only choose to sit for someone with whom I feel I could be friend. For Me THS is not an alternative for AirBNB, it is a lot more.

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