New review system frozen?

I’m trying to leave a review for a just completed sit and it won’t let me. I can put the stars in and it then moved to the next page and asks about HO communication but won’t let me put anything in or move to next. What’s going on? I’m doing it from my Android phone, same one I’ve used for the past 7 years to apply for and review sits without issue. Help?!

You may be too early.

Or really, the THS system is too late and they are sending out the email/notification too early.

Try again tomorrow.

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Thanks. You are totally right, completely my fault. I obviously hadn’t left it long enough! Weirdly though the stars are a bit flicky when I did it today and I had to redo two of them because it went on 4 instead of 5 stars so there’s something to watch out for under the nrw system.

Weirdly got this message once I’d completed the review which seems a little bizarre! I think there are some gremlins in the new system

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I sent a review this morning on my iphone with no problem.

I did a review today and the system worked fine.

I’ve noticed over the last month having completed three sits that no email reminders have been sent out by THS. I find it rather annoying as I’ve got future sits for new HO’s who haven’t had sitters before and if they’re not sent a reminder they may not realise the 14 day limit.

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Hi StMarys. . You may want to check to make sure that all your email notification boxes are positively selected and that you have a current email address listed (also check junk mail). I finished a sit this past Thursday. I received an email review reminder from THS on Friday, Sunday, and today (Tuesday) when I sent out my review. All recieved on my iphone and ipad.


I think last time was my fault but I’m trying again on my phone. The HO has already left a review and the system is promoting me too but again only let’s me get to the first stars, on the next question it just freezes so I can’t complete the review.

Hey there. I am a sitter and completed a review of HO this morning on my Android phone. First screen was for overall stars, then the following 4 or 5 screens were stars for different categories and I believe you had to click on ‘done’ (or ‘next’) to proceed. The final screen was the only place for entering text and that one had the ‘submit’ button. It worked fine for me. Hope that helps.


Thanks Maggie, It just would not let me go to the next page. I had to do it on the laptop in the end.