Misleading wording?

I just received this message telling us three things.

1 - We can no longer leave Jane a review [We left it yesterday]

2 - The two week review window has passed [The sit ended two days ago]

3- They’ve published Jane’s review [Thank You!]

Only one out of three statements correct, for such a big company, they really should be doing better than this.


Had a similar set of emails to you @Colin this past weekend, including the pop-up for me to write the review when I was still on it!!!


Hi @Colin and @temba

Just popping on to say I’ve reported back to the team about this - if I get any more info I’ll post here when I can.

Jenny :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jenny


@Colin we had similar conflicting messages ( in our case pop up windows ) when writing a review last week

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How silly!
We finished a sit 2 weeks ago. I wrote the review the day after the sit ended. And then, the next day as I logged into my account again, was again prompted to leave a review. What? Did the other one fail? Went to reviews given - no, it’s sitting there. So why was I prompted to review again? Yep, they still need to fine tune their review messages.


Hi @Colin
I had the exact same messages following my last sitting. I reported this via The Forum 5 weeks ago now.
It’s obvious nothing has been done