Review overhaul

Some time ago @Angela_L told me (apologies I can’t find the post or message) that the new review system was imminent. So what happened?
I’d have sent a message to you Angela but can’t work out how to outside of a post!

Hi @Smiley , I’m not 100% sure I’m responding to your exact query, but I just completed a sit and the next time I logged into THS, I got a pop-up window asking me “How was your sit in Fanore?” and allowing me to click on the number of stars. I did that, and it opened up a text box so I could leave my complete textual review. That whole process (pop-up upon login after a sit) was entirely new, and I thought it was great, since it was a concrete, very clear and timely prompt to leave feedback for the HO immediately after I finished the sit.

As I write this, though, now I am wondering if you are asking about HOs leaving reviews for sitters? (I have to admit, I will probably never remember if HOs leave reviews or feedback.)

In any case, I hope you get your question answered!

Thanks, no it’s not about that…

To send a forum member directly you can click on their name and a box comes up which has an envelope :email: symbol and Message - click on this and you can send a direct message .


I have just done feedback for a sit and it is definitely a new interface but not sure anything else has changed.
The first thing is that you are prompted to leave feedback after the sit has finished as @Haubigut said. I ignored that as I like to get a review first before leaving feedback.
When you want to do that you will notice that from your profile drop down menu the two seperate items REVIEWS and FEEDBACK are now under the title PAST SITS & REVIEWS. Past sits takes you to a new page where you see all of them as tiles and when you click on one it shows links to view the listing, see the owners review and your feedback. Clicking on these take you to the familiar pages we had before with all the reviews and feedbacks listed down the page. So all that has happened is that you have two further pages to click through to get to where you would have been before.
I am not sure this amounts to an overhaul of the review system or some cosmetic changes in advance of an overhaul.

The latter I think

Hi @Smiley thank you for bringing this up again. The “Review Overhaul” I have used your terminology, is in progress which has been mentioned across the Forum in Product updates and other posts. It is a priority and will be in place before the end of the year, if not sooner.

This is not a project that will be “switched on” one day and announced DONE … it is being launched in stages which will be communicated to members as and when applicable.


Thank you :pray:

@Haubigut You were not reviewing the actual sit you just completed. You were reviewing THS in general, likely on Trust Pilot.

Have you gone into your Dashboard and looked at your Reviews? Is there a Review of your recent sit? Did you send a prompt to the HO to provide Feedback of you?

It would be great to have a system where you can only see the review when the other person leaves a review. It feels like everyone has the most amazing experience always and it should be more nuanced but because sitters want good reviews, it’s more likely that the reviews are not 100% accurate and real.

I read a review about a sit talking about how the home owners were great at communicating and so thoughtful and we had a totally different experience… We figured this guy just wanted a good review and was praising the owners to get his reward.

Hope the trustedhousesitters team can read this and do something about their reviews system. It works great on couchsurfing. You need to post a reference to be able to see what the host or surfer wrote to you.


Sitters leave feedback. I guess it’s considered feedback and not a review because it’s of a house and situation – e.g. “There were no cleaning supplies.” “Dog not leash trained.” But it feels odd. Feedback to me is something you share privately.
I have a combined membership and I’m probably more worried about the “feedback” for my home than the reviews for my sit. I feel like a sit involves doing some tasks and following directions and taking care of pet. I’m confident in those
areas. I’m less sure of myself on stuff like whether I left a dirty coffee cup on the table when I had to leave my house at 6:00 AM to catch a flight or whether or not my cat hocked up a hair ball on the bed as soon as closed the door and the sitter thought I left it there on purpose.
Homeowners are prompted to write reviews for sitters.
I have no idea what the plan is for the new reviews, but I think I’d prefer something that involved a public text review and an optional box inviting private feedback on both sides. (I think it would be easier to remember! )


This review system is what we’ve been waiting for……it’s been discussed elsewhere, pages and pages

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The same thing happened to me.
The owners were unkind and inconsiderate to me. Yet others praised them.

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I FEEL YOU! That’s why they need to change their review process or all sitters worried about their reviews will leave a nice comment or don’t mention everything or not leave a comment at all.

When I see Airbnb reviews and see like a 4.70star. I say, “oh that must be a great place” But on THS if I see anything less than a 5star, I wonder what is wrong. Actually even if I see all 5stars I wonder what is wrong. Not a true review system. I like the reviews only showing up after both sides have submitted

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Yes. In my case a sitter after me praised them, so I won’t leave a review now because it will make me look bad more than them.

THIS! I’ve only seen 5 stars reviews on this platform so far like everyone always has a perfect experience lol come on

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@galia_b I have to admit I did give one of my sitters a 4-star rating a few years ago. She is no longer sitting but I know I do see them on occasion

Nooooooo, 4.7 is bad. 4.8 is questionable. Keep in mind that Airbnb will delete negative reviews for hosts for the slightest of excuses.

@PetSitterBug Just to update you that it is part of the new features on the site @Haubigut was talking about, when you login into your account after a sit you get a pop-up asking you to rate the owner and the owner gets a pop-up asking them to rate the sitter.

The only link asking you to rate TrustedHousesitters on TrustPilot is in the email after you already get your review. If I find a copy of the pop up I will share it with you :slight_smile: