Feedback and Reviews

Are you automatically invited to leave feedback on a sit, through the system, or does the sitter instigate it please?

As a Sitter, you request a Review by the Home Owner. You can also provide Feedback of a Home Owner.

Neither is automatic, and the request for a Review is instigated by the Sitter. The Home Owner does not have to instigate Feedback, the Sitter can do this as they wish.

After our last sit, when I went to our Dashboard, a pop up appeared prompting us to not only request a Review, but also to provide Feedback.

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HO’s can leave reviews unprompted, just as sitters can.


You don’t get automatically invited to leave feedback but can do so from the day after your sit ends by going to your dashboard, click on your profile photo on the top right-hand corner, this will create a drop-down menu and you will see ‘feedback’ amongst the options

So we dont know how to leave a reply about the housesit/pet sit

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Hi @Coop, follow the steps given by @Colin.

@Coop - here is how to do it -

Yes this does happen and has been raised before. It is so unfair.
If I do have to remind the homeowner to leave a review I also add ‘including the star rating section’.
As I now have so many reviews a lack of stars wouldn’t be too detrimental but as a new sitter it would have a big impact.

I wonder how the ‘5 stars’ is calculated? I just checked ours - we have done a couple of sits that had no pets so the home host rightly gave us 5 stars for 4 categories but no stars for ‘pet’ happiness. If the star rating was a percentage of all categories, that would have been an overall 4 start for us - but we were still given 5 stars?

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Out of interest does the THS site prompt the home/pet owner to complete a review of the sitter?

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Hi @Skysea.

I always have questions about the PP user experience as well. Just from reading the forums, it sounds like the PP doesn’t receive any prompts to review automatically: Not after the sit, nor after a sitter leaves feedback.

If any PPs know otherwise, please correct me. Screenshots are especially appreciated. (if screenshots have personal info, DM/message me and I can blur that out prior to posting)

If I’m right, the only prompt that PPs receive is if a sitter requests a review via the TH dashboard:

I’m also curious if the PPs ever get sent an email from TH which sounds like a sitter review request, but is actually a link to review TH on TrustPilot. (Like the emails that sitters get after receiving 5-star reviews.)

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If you ask THS they say both sitters and owners get prompts to leave feedback.
We all know this doesn’t happen, perhaps @Ben-ProductManager can comment?

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This is a copy of a comment I made on here at the end of last year. Hope it helps.
“I got an email from THS yesterday congratulating me on my review which contained a link to leave a review of THS.
I think the emphasis should be on prompting sitters to leave feedback for the homeowner/host.
I feel this causes much confusion.
In the early days I don’t think it was an option to leave feedback for the homeowner on how the sit went. Then I just replied to their review which is not helpful when sitters look at listings as they cannot see that response”.


We have just has a fantastic experience while applying/confirming a sit. This got me thinking, why don’t I mention it in the feedback after the sit is finished to let potential sitters know these people are not time wasters. They publish a detailed listing. They read applicants almost immediately and if they like one they set up a video call for the first time which is good for both parties. And the decision is made there and then.
This is all information I think sitters would like to know. It’s so good to have an effort reciprocated.