Feedback and Reviews

Are you automatically invited to leave feedback on a sit, through the system, or does the sitter instigate it please?

As a Sitter, you request a Review by the Home Owner. You can also provide Feedback of a Home Owner.

Neither is automatic, and the request for a Review is instigated by the Sitter. The Home Owner does not have to instigate Feedback, the Sitter can do this as they wish.

After our last sit, when I went to our Dashboard, a pop up appeared prompting us to not only request a Review, but also to provide Feedback.

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HO’s can leave reviews unprompted, just as sitters can.

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You don’t get automatically invited to leave feedback but can do so from the day after your sit ends by going to your dashboard, click on your profile photo on the top right-hand corner, this will create a drop-down menu and you will see ‘feedback’ amongst the options