Review from homeowner?

How does a sitter know when the homeowner has written their review? Are we only able to see their review when both reviews are completed? I think that’s a great policy but am unsure what the current process is.

Usually you get an email that says you have a new review. It doesn’t wait for you to write yoir owner feedback (blind system not live yet). Check your profile on the app and website to be sure @Traveler9910 :+1:t3:

They volunteered that they wrote a review, but it still says “review requested” on the app. ???

That means they haven’t done it yet for you so you’ll need to remind them. As @PVGemini says, it’s maybe written up but they’ve not pressed send.

Maybe they “wrote” it but forgot to click on “submit.” They should go back into the website to check.

Oh…does that happen?

Some people are STILL writing reviews for THS on Trustpilot, in the belief that they are writing them for sitters . Many reviews for sitters are on Trustpilot.


I’m assuming you’ve checked your profile to see if it is actually there @Traveler9910. The reason I say this is I just completed feedback for my last owner on the website and even though I submitted it, it still said Leave Feedback. I checked the owner’s listing and my feedback was there so there may be a bit of a glitch happening. You may find your review is there!

I had no idea this was a thing! I just looked at TrustPilot and there’s so many personal reviews on there, I’m curious where the confusion is coming from!? :grimacing:

Hi @Traveler9910

Are you able to confirm if the homeowner has left their review? As @Cuttlefish says, you can check your profile on the app and website. It might be as @PVGemini suggests, that they haven’t submitted it.

@temba - I just wanted to let you know that there were a couple of other Forum members who mentioned this. As I said to them, I’ve asked the Tech team if they can give me any information. I can’t promise anything but bear with me, and I’ll do my best!

If anyone reads this and has the same issue, please tag me or pop me a DM.


Thanks @Jenny for that and following it up with the Tech team.


@Megg - this topic has been discussed at length over the years. Use the spyglass at the top to search.
There is no incentive to change as it keeps the rating high for THS.

I check the Trust Pilot reviews frequently to see what complaints people have. I’m seeing more and more negative reviews there about THS, which still includes commentary on specific sitters and sits. Maybe the negative reviews there are giving THS the nudge they need to make the sitter/PP reviews stay within the platform.

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I’ve just popped an update over here @temba - hope it’s useful!


I did search before leaving my comment (my search did not clarify anything). I guess I just meant I didn’t understand how sitters were even getting directed to TP in the first place because I can’t remember ever getting a prompt to review on TP in the almost 10 years I’ve been on the site.
I obviously get why THS doesn’t remove those accidental reviews, I just didn’t realize there was so many on there is all.

@Megg - when the homeowner gives me a review I get an alert from THS. In that there is a small link to my profile to read the review and leave feedback for the homeowner.
Also on the same alert there is a large button that says ‘write your review’. If you press that it takes you to Trust Pilot.
I think that is where some of the confusion has arisen. I assume it is similar from the homeowner’s side when a sitter leaves feedback. Hope that makes sense.

Hi @Twitcher

This is really useful to know.

I’ve let the team know that there’s been discussion around sit reviews going on Trustpilot, along with your comment about why that could be.

I can’t promise they’ll change anything but it does sound like this could be causing confusion.


Ahh that makes more sense then yeah! I’ll have to take a closer look the next time I get that email! I typically just go through my profile to check/leave reviews as the notifications and emails I get tend to be super sporadic.

It’s possible that your review is on Trustpilot.

When members receive a review, they are sometimes prompted to ‘review us’. The link actually takes you to Trustpilot so you can review Trusted Housesitters, but people sometimes think they’re being invited to review their sitter/host, and do it there instead of on the site. If you look up TH on Trustpilot you’ll find quite a few reviews intended for sitters or hosts - maybe including yours!

Hi @Twitcher and anyone else that’s interested…

I’ve just heard back from the team, and they’ve confirmed that as part of the blind review update (which we promise isn’t far off), we will be updating the signposting within our emails to avoid any confusion in the future.

Thanks for your feedback about this, it’s been super useful.