Review from homeowner?

Hi @Jenny - is @Ben-ProductManager still part of the team? We haven’t heard from him for a while.

Hi @Jenny the large link to Trust Pilot has been raised a number of times on the Forum and been taken back to the team but nothing was ever done about it.


@temba, I’m sorry that’s been the case!

I’ve heard it directly from the team that it will be updated as part of the blind review update, which we’ll be able to update everyone on soon. It won’t happen immediately but it definitely will change. If they’re able to help with specific dates once the review system is live, I’d be happy to update you! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Twitcher Yes, Ben is still at Trusted Housesitters, but as he’s not part of the Forum team, it makes more sense for us to collate feedback and get any answers needed wherever we can. We’ll actually have an update about Product updates in general coming very, very soon which will explain things in a bit more detail. Bear with us for now!

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Hi @Jenny

On 18 September Ben started a thread asking the forum for ideas for improvements-and wanting to hear about our frustrations.
However @Ben-ProductManager hasn’t commented on that thread since 26th September so it would be helpful to know if the forum members suggestions and frustrations are still being considered or if not close that thread .

@temba Just to let you know in case you missed it previously (it can easily happen) when the Trustpilot issue was previously raised on the forum the Marketing team listened and updated the email to include the top section and link to where you could leave the feedback or review for the other member.

They also updated the Trustpilot copy to show you were reviewing TrustedHousesitters. @Jenny It’s great to hear there will be an update with the new review system as well :slight_smile:

Hi @Carla. I haven’t missed it as saw it once again on Sunday. However, we both can see the difference in the size of the print for sitters to “head to your profile” (and that’s not saying “head to give feedback”) as against the standout Large and Bold Print of “Review TrustedHousesitters on TrustPilot” which is clearly giving emphasis to what THS wants. For many new members this could easily be misconstrued to where they need to put their feeback/review if they’ve never left it before.

@temba Oh apologies as your original comment said nothing was ever done and as there was a change at the time it was raised I thought you must have missed it, so I wanted to share what was changed previously with you. I’m glad that you already saw it at the time and the additional feedback about the sizing and change is a good point to be passed on for future updates. Thank you

So - I haven’t received it yet. I tried to reach her but haven’t yet. She volunteered that she wrote a great review. My concern: It’s been 2 weeks and if the new system starts I think she wont be able to leave the review. Can an admin please contact me??

@Traveler99 you can contact member services at or do live :speech_balloon: in the help section

If no review is showing - it hasn’t been done as shows up immediately. You can contact the homeowner and tell them that there is no review showing- it’s possible they did a trustpilot review by mistake … or didn’t press send !

Thanks. It’s not on Trustpilot; I checked. Will contact her and THS to ask.