Question on posting a review of a HO

I posted a positive review of a HO.
It is me second sit.
I did one a year and a half ago and don’t remember going through Trustpilot?
I am not worried about this but is the HO informed I made a review by Trustpilot?
I was not sure the HO owner would be so I emailed the HO what I had posted.

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Hi Pamela.

Thank you for reaching out. Welcome to our community forum!

When you complete a sit, you are prompted to leave feedback regarding a homeowner on the site, and you are also prompted to leave TrustedHousesitters a review on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is used by consumers to find out about businesses using real reviews left by their customers.

I apologise if the email we send caused confusion on where to leave feedback for the owner member.

If you haven’t already you can leave the feedback for the owner on our site by following these steps:

  • Select your name in the top right corner (this shows as three lines on mobile/tablet)
  • Select feedback from the drop down menu
  • Select the owners name and submit your feedback

If you have any issues with this please let me know or you can contact us at

Kind regards,


Thank you so much, with your instructions I was able to leave the positive review I wanted to for Vickie.


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Hi Pamela, welcome to our community forum it’s so great that you have joined and happy that Katie was able to help you solve your review question and allow you to post your review … thank you Vickie will really appreciate it.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and share in your THS journey, enjoy meeting other members.

Angela & The Team

And thank you for the forum !

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I may be wrong but i thought the comment for the HO was for the owner only and the Trust pilot was a feedback on THS .
The last one i wrote was last august so i may have forgotten…
Trust pilot asks questions when a feed back to an owner is a free comment, short or long : you don’t reply to any questions.

Am i mistaken ?