Review Request vs Can reviews just happen naturally?

Hi TH & Everyone! Going super well in sitter land.
Just expressing a thought. I so wish sitter’s didn’t have to “request a review” to our pet parents.
It feels quite awkward & cheesey. Like saying “do you like me?” to the animal or person you love so much. Ha. Just a thought to share , no likey that prompt.
Owners & Sitters should be on equal ground, we keep the wheel spinning. Thank You!


Great pics! I agree it would be nice not to need to remind certain people, but people are human, and in today’s world, very busy, so a gentle nudge is sometimes necessary. When a PP gets back from a trip, they are very likely quite busy getting back into the groove of normal life, and it can easily slip their mind. Try to think of it that way…


Hi Deb or To Another Wonderful THS’r Worker Bee.

I absolutely knew that would be the response. And I answered myself, just needed a pat on the back, so Thank You!

I totally understand. Because it’s quite random at times.

I just don’t understand that thinking. Right away if the tables were turned and I returned to my happy pet & happy home, I would immediately text/messageTH the sitter a “thank you, home safe!” kinda note & review spot on. I’m just a closure type, peace of mind, all good in the hood kinda gal!

Sorry Debbie! Didn’t mean to overload TMI moment.

Although it really helps me that you listen, totally understand & care.

Appreciate You So Much & THS.

Have a Blessed Day Debbie & THS’ers!

Thank You Love.
Cynthia :blue_heart::blue_heart:


I really appreciate Owners who provide a review within one week of my stay at their home, and I would not request a review unless the Owner had failed to provide one within a week or two. I don’t see it as “did you like me?” as much as I see it as gratitude for a job well done, and a Sitter’s future could be determined by your Review. The Owner literally has the Power to influence the future of the Sitter. Imagine that! Some Sitters literally depend upon the Success of the System for a roof over their heads. Thank you kindly for writing a few words or praise. If there is no review at all, the Sitter may wonder what they have done wrong. Without good communication and constructive feedback, we may be left with feelings of inadequacy. Leaving a review in a timely manner is the right thing to do, without a prompt.


Oh this is wonderful. I thought as Sitters, we had to nudge them with the “request a review” prompt, that,that was the only way for sitters to receive a review. Thank you for your comment, sounds like on PP Pet Parents HO Home Owners end , they can do this on their own merit. And yes definitely nudge when need be. I might just leave it up to them for now & see how that goes. I will put a blurp in my profile, requesting them to contact me when they get in so I can have peace of mind that they’ve returned safe & pets are good. I need to know that straight up! That will be a big request from me. Thanks everyone!

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I use the Request a Review feature if they don’t leave me a review within a week. I know they get a notification when the sit ends and another notification when I leave feedback. I’ve probably sent about ten of the requests and that successfully prompted them to leave a review but I still have several that never left a review. I don’t know of any reasons why I wouldn’t deserve a five star review but I also don’t want to pester them about it and get dinged on a review because I bugged them. It’s such a small ask but means a lot.


I’ve done 21 sits so far, two of which never reviewed me and I don’t know why. Interestingly, the pet owners were two of the most demanding ones too. I’ve more or less let it go now but would not sit for these people again, no matter how much I might have loved their animals.
As I have 19 reviews now, I have become a bit more relaxed about it, but do get very excited each time someone reviews me. Recently I’ve been lucky with lovely owners in that regard :slight_smile:


When applying for a sit, I will always check if the HO has reviewed previous sitters, if they haven’t, then I don’t apply. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask, for them to spend 10 minutes writing you a review, after you have cared for their pets and home.
Most HO’s are pretty good at this, but there’s always the odd one. A few sitters also don’t leave feedback, in spite of receiving a good review. Not really in the spirit of TH.


Yes! When we were home owner’s, that’s the first thing I sent to the sitters. ‘Thanks, we’re safely home and the cat is fine’. Then a review the same day or a day later. To me, that is just common courtesy. I really don’t understand how this can just ‘slip your mind’.


I returned from holiday on May 13th and have not been able to review the excellent sitter I had. If I go to the completed sits page, there is no option for me to leave a review. I have done this in the past, and do not know what I am doing differently now. I am using the app. Any suggestions?


Hello @Julie_e and it’s so nice to hear that you are trying to leave a review for your recent sitter.

On the mobile App if you click on the “Me” button at the bottom right of the screen you will then see a list of options under your name, (see photo below), you then select Reviews and then Leave a Review, (you can then select the sitter you are leaving the review for). On the IPad App it will show as Reviews and references but it is the same principle.

If you have any further problems please reply on here and either myself or another member will assist you :blush:

Also a quick question, it would be really lovely to hear from you with regards to what content you would like to see next on the Forum?

I was using exactly the process you are outlining, but the dropdown says “Reviews I’ve given” but no “Leave a Review” option. I circumvented the process this morning by contacting the sitter and having her request a review from me, which I then provided. Oddly enough, last year I reviewed a sitter and then kept getting a reminder to review him. The sitter could see my review but somehow THS continued to ask for a review. So today, since I was tired of continuing to see the request for a review, I’ve reviewed him again! I also have made a request for a pet parent to review me for a sit I did in December-January and I have had no response yet. There’s not a “nudge” option. Interesting.

In terms of what I would like to see on the Forum, I especially enjoy hearing about others’ experiences as both sitters and pet parents and ways of improving the sitting encounters.

Thank you,
Julie O’Neal

Hi @Julie_e and thank you for the update regarding the leaving a review issue. I have tagged @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to look in to this issue for you. I am pleased you managed to leave a review this time by asking your sitter to send a request until this current issue is fixed.
Out of interest, did you try to log out of the App completely and log in again when you were experiencing this issued and looked for the leave a review option?

Thank you so much for your valuable input regarding the content you would like to see on the Forum. This is very much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Julie_e I’m sorry you are having issues I’m going to pass this over to the Membership Services Team in order to get them to help you as there is only so much we can do on the forum with technical help. A member of the Team will connect with you directly via email.

There seems to be a new process which has been introduced one day too early.
I am a sitter and completed a sitting yesterday. My Home Owner advised me that she had received this message :slight_smile:

She kept trying to write my review but gave up and sent me a whatsapp. I advised her that the system wouldn’t let anyone write a review until the day after the sitting had completed.

I felt embarrassed that she was trying to complete my review so promptly and had wasted her time when she was unpacking and trying to do the right thing with me.

Why has this feature been introduced when it is wrong?
The HOs won’t know that they can try again the next day and may not bother.

This is a very unfortunate change


Hi @Itchyfeet
I am so sorry that this happened to you. I have sent your feedback to our marketing team to look into the timing of the emails being sent.


I wanted to let you know, and it has been confirmed that:

Emails are sent 24 hours after the sit ends, to Owners to give their review, and an email is sent two days after the sit ends to Sitters to give feedback.

If an Owner requests feedback before the sit ends, this could have triggered the email sooner, which may have happened in your case, so it would be an unusual situation, and generally not the norm.

I hope this helps.

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There might be a glitch in the timing for the new emails

@Therese-Moderator - We finished a sit last Saturday and we received the email to leave feedback on the morning of our departure - before the home hosts had arrived home!

As we were busy cleaning I did not actually leave the feedback until a couple of days later so can’t say whether or not I would have been able to leave the feedback on the day the email arrived had I tried.

Hi @Colin
Thank you for this feedback. I will ask marketing to check this.
Much appreciated.

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I received my 20th five star review today, hurray, but slightly annoyed by the four hosts that have not provided any review despite my request. I feel like it’s unfinished business. Oh well, I asked. :zipper_mouth_face:

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