Do you chase-up reviews?

If you’re a sitter with afew good reviews under your belt would you chase up the home owner if they don’t leave a eview after your sit.
Mostly we’ve found owners do the feedback automatically, just a couple of times I’ve sent a reminder. There’s also an odd sit we’ve never had a review for even though all went well.
If you already have a number of good reviews (we have 9) dies it matter?
Interested in other’s thoughts. Thanks.


It doesn’t matter to us, but we have more than a dozen good reviews.


Good question!
We have I think over 25 reviews, but still want a review for every sit.
Especially with the current review system where sometimes people prefer to leave no feedback rather than a bad one.

If I see owners who had sitters but very few reviews, I would wonder why, so I imagine it’s the same when owners look at sitters…

But that’s maybe just me being too perfectionist :wink:


In our experience as sitters most HOs are happy to provide a review and don’t need to be chased. :sweat_smile: We’ve utilized the Request Feedback feature only 3 times out of 15 sits. Out of those 3 times, 1 feedback came right away, 1 a month later and for one we never got a feedback. We understand HOs can get busy and don’t have time to leave a review.

Follow up questions for the community:

  • Do HOs get a reminder to leave a review after the sit ends ? ( kinda like AirBnB)

  • Do you request a review for back to back to sits? ( original sit was extended, so it’s now a second sit)

Our story so far:- Bit of a rocky start but applied for a sit which was successful ten days after joining THS. While on this sit a lovely family contacted us out of the blue and invited us to sit. Unfortunately we were not returning to that area so we messaged them thanking them for inviting us etc. We applied for a 2 month cat sit (for John). The owner came back straight away and we really clicked but the home was in a very small village with tight access and we couldn’t park our motorhome. We were gutted! Applied for another sit and had a lovely conversation with the owners on WhatsApp. Later they messaged us to say that they had chosen another couple. No worries I always say may the best sitter win.

To be honest we are amazed with the responses so far - no reviews on our profile yet.


You are a 5 star couple @CarolineJohn1 . Do not be deterred, there is no need to chase anything.
Enjoy the ride. it will happen but me thinks you already know this.


Oh bless you Amparo! We have already decided that THS sits are a pleasant extension to our life. If a sit is meant to be it will be :heart::heart:


Are you still o your first sit or has this finished?

There is an issue that some people seem to think a no review is because the HO had nothing good to say - for this reason if the HO has not reviewed us 7 days after the end of a sit we send a gentle reminder.
If they still don’t review then we don’t bother them again -this has only happened to us once -


Hi Colin This is our last night. It’s been challenging our power steering ceased up just before Christmas and our motorhome was taken away to a garage in Malaga. We have had a hire car on insurance and now a hotel because the parts have been delayed over the holiday season. Hope it’s fixed soon :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:. We have been taking the little dog out to the nearby beaches which she loves but is very nervous being driven. Still overall it’s been a very pleasant sit

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Ahh o/k - you will soon have your first review under your belt then :grinning:

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I want a review for for every sit I do. Because I am now racking them up, it doesn’t seem as imperative as when I was just starting out but I still want them. All of these reviews, if they are favorable, may make me more attractive when competing for future sits. Who knows which of my previous reviews will mention something that speaks to a prospective HO, something they find especially relevant.

I also check the reviews HOs have left for their past sitters. If they are short, only a line or two, and it’s a consistent pattern with all of their prior sitters, while other HOs have rhapsodized about the fantastic jobs these sitters did, I stay away. I do my best for each of my HOs and I expect more for my efforts than than a couple of platitudes. I also reject a listing if they consistently fail to leave reviews for their previous sitters unless it seems deserved based on other evidence on a sitter’s profile. Regardless of how nice a listing seems if I think it will not yield me a nice, substantial review I will not apply. It’s a very small token of thanks for a job well done.


We have 30 glowing reviews but did three sits where homeowners did not give us reviews and to this day I have no idea why. One couple I emailed three times and then gave up. I don’t feel as a sitter I should have to “chase” or “beg” for a review when I know I’ve done a great job of taking care of a pet(s) and home. I think it’s important to obtain a review for each sit that is done. One thing I don’t bother with though is asking for a second review from the same homeowner on a repeat sit. I’ve noticed that some sitters have numerous reviews from the same homeowner which builds up the number of their reviews but I don’t feel a need for that. Hat’s off and thank you to homeowners who do this automatically without having to be chased!


Awwh that’s nice!

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HOs do not get a reminder to leave a review - I think this would be a nice feature


Hi @Peg and @BunnyCat You may want to take a look at a post about this topic Post-sit feedback/review reminder emails. and in particular the second entry from Katie at membership services.

That was in April of 2021. I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator and ask her to clarify the current process. She’ll see this request next time she’s online.

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Thanks, I read what @Katie-MembershipServices wrote. All I can say is as the HO we just had a sitter in December and I did get the email asking to review TrustedHousesitters on day 5 but not the day 1 or day 3 email encouraging reviews/feedback. I just checked spam folder and nothing there either. Could be a fluck with me if other HOs are getting the reminders. Not a biggie, I alway post a calendar reminder to remind me.

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I agree with everything that Mars has said

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I think it’s important to get a review for each sit, even if it’s a repeat. People reading through your reviews who see some that are blank may not check further to see that it was a repeat sit and question why there is no review. Often I figure the sitter must have done well to have been asked back, but one can never be sure if it is not documented. It will always be an unanswered question. Even just a short review that says this was a second or third sit, it went great, the HO recommends you highly and hopes to have you back, would be a help.


Hi All. The tech team has come back to me. Members now receive one automotive email to ask them to write a review/feedback, and if they have the app they also get an app notification. Therefore, we only send it once, after the Sit is completed.

Naturally, if a member requests a review/feedback we send another email to the member.

If you do not get any notifications, please do ask us to check that you are not unsubscribed. email …

I would also like to suggest, that with repeat sits, that you always try to ask the homeowner for a review, as this shows extremely favourably on your profile reviews. I think when homeowners see lots of repeats, they feel very comfortable with approaching and confirming you.

If there are any back-to-back or extension dates of existing sits, please also just come to us so we can make sure your dates are correct on your dashboard, as we are always here to help.
Kind regards Therese