Consequences of new blind reviews?

It’s probably much too early but i’m curious : shall we see more 3 stars or 4 stars than before under profiles, when the blind review system did not exist?

Will owners and sitters be happier ? Many complained in the past they were afraid to leave “honest reviews” by fear of a revenge. Wanted the Airbnb system followed.

Why so many sitters seemed anxious to leave à feedback first ? They felt they were not good enough ?

Obviously when an owner gives only 4 or 3 stars, there is a risk of retaliation.
If not anymore in the feedback/review, may be on the answers? With potential lies nobody could react to…

We’ll see.

Could THS allow owners to select 5 * sitters only ? How the average of stars is made?
If a sitter has only made 2 sits so far and 1 is 3*, the 2nd 5*, will it be 4? What happens If a sitter has made 20 5sits but the last 2 ones deserved only 3? Is it a sign than the new system favorizes critics ? That the sitter is taking his “job” less seriously?

The fact that almost everybody has all 5 star reviews makes them a bit meaningless. I think we will be seeing much more honest reviews in future.


I could see an issue with the old system but there’s still going to be a reluctance to be honest. For both parties but possible more so for sitters. Obviously HOs read our reviews, maybe they read reviews we’ve left, I’m not sure how the system works from a HO point of view but if we give less than good reviews people may not want a sitter that won’t rate them 5 stars?

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No matter the review system, some folks will have their own reservations about how truthful or explicit they’ll be. Whether it’s THS or any other company, there’s no need for them to solve for everyone. That’s not how any company operates.