No star reviews

I recently read that people would not consider sitters who have no star reviews.
I have been sitting with THS since 2014. I have done so many sits. Inevitably, some owners don’t bother leaving reviews, with others it may be just a small, unavoidable issue that causes them not to review.
I think it is impossible to do 50 or so sits and for nothing ever to go wrong in the owners eyes.
It worries me that people with say 3 sits all star reviewed are seen as better than someone who has done so many with very few no star reviews

It will probably depend on the HO and what the balance of review to no review to 5 star or less etc is @Pepper40 - difficult to say without seeing your profile and your reviews.

Do you mean reviews with no stars or no review whatsoever?
Some people just don’t review. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. It’s the way they do things and I don’t think that can be held against a sitter or pet parent.
It’s very easy to get 50 plus five star reviews. Just follow instructions, be polite and treat their home as you would expect your home to be treated by a sitter. Of course there’s always going to be a slip up. Depending how we deal with the mistake really sets the whole tone of any review. Then you get the very demanding pet parents who want everything perfect. They can be spotted a mile away even before the sit is applied for. Lists and lists of can and cannots. Things to do which are not related to the pets or property. Walk away from them, don’t even apply. It’s impossible to get a good review from someone like that. Even a thank you is grudgingly given.
It will be interesting to see the pet parents comments on this thread. How much they actually value a sitters reviews. Is it the application, the profile or the video call that matters more or less? Or are reviews absolutely everything?
Very interesting topic and I will be following it closely.


I’m not even sure HOs can see it if a previous HO did not leave a review? Throughout the years I’ve had a few HOs who didn’t leave me a review - nothing that went wrong, on some sits I even went above & beyond, but some people are just not in the habit of leaving reviews even when nudged. That’s a pity, but I’ve never thought that HOs who review my application can actually see that

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Also wanting to know this. My first booked sit ended up cancelled at the last minute due to illness (it was local so it wasn’t a big deal to me). It didn’t get cancelled in the system, though, and neither of us reviewed the other as no actual housesitting happened. I hope this doesn’t make me look bad!

No, we can’t see it. Not on the app, not on the website. It would be great, if it was fixed!

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