Contacting previous sitters

In rhe app where you can see the siiters who’ve completed previous sits but havent left a review is rhere anyway to contact that sitter?
I can get on their profile but cant find any way of leaving them a message.
Im interested why they didnt leave a review before i apply.

No Gina I don’t think there is a way of contacting the sitter, either through the app or website.
I am due to do a sit later in the year and the HO has recently had their first sitters from THS. The sitters were very experienced with excellent reviews. The HO said it was going great but so far (2 weeks later) they have not left them a review and the sitters have not left feedback. I find this curious but I will never know unless I ask the HO how it all went.

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No, and I am happy about that. I have done about 40 sits on THS now, and I don’t want 40 X however many applicants for new sits contact me to ask about a sit. Some of the sits I have done have had multiple applications, so multiply that by 40 - no thanks.


Can’t you just go into your inbox where you have communicated with them in the past and post a new message?

The way I understand the post is that it is a sitter wanting to contact another sitter.

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Yes, I read it incorrectly. Sorry about that!

There is no way through THS for a sitter to contact another sitter. If they linked their LinkedIn account to their profile, you can send them a message there. But if the sit looks good otherwise, you may want to go ahead and apply. You may lose out on the sit just waiting to contact the sitter. If you are offered an interview, you can ask the HO about the missing review. The sit may have been cancelled. Good luck.

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Thankyou all.
Its not really a problem i was just curious why the sitter hadnt left a review. The HO has given them a gowing review
I think though as normal i will go with my gut. It does look a nice sit but as a sitter at the moment have to say, there are some great sits to choose from.

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