About to take our first UK sit

Hey there, everyone. Just looking for some encouragement, I suppose. We are about to take our first international housesit, we haven’t confirmed it yet, but everything points towards yes. This person doesn’t have any reviews, so it’s a little bit, concerning isn’t the best word because I’m not really concerned, but just looking for some encouragement. We did an interview call yesterday, and everything seems pretty good. Taking that first leap is I guess always a little bit intimidating. Let me know your thoughts in the replies.


Hi there! Have you been confirmed by the owners yet? If not, you can’t confirm until they confirm you so, good luck.
Difficult for us to give you our thoughts as we don’t know the situation but go with your gut instinct. If they have no previous feedback from sitters they’ve got to start somewhere and, in my experience, will probably be nervous. If it feels right then go for it!

Once you are confirmed, ask for the Welcome Guide immediately. That will give a bigger picture and if there is anything of concern, you can discuss it now rather than later.

We just started a sit with a new owner and it’s great so far! Everyone has to start somewhere - sitters and owners. Just have a close look at the pictures and, like others have said, trust your instincts.


Hi @TheBrandons0819 two of our firsts sits were in U.K. for homeowners who were also a newbies ( so no reviews ) we had video calls and both sits went well - we’ve since done repeat sits for both.

As it’s an international sit even more important to have a Plan B in case the worst happens and the sit is cancelled or curtailed by the owner (we had this happen to us twice this year in UK )

In the unlikely event that this happens to you I suggest that you make a back up plan for what you will do.

You are very likely will be able to find a replacement sit in U.K. as there are always more sits listed than sitters available.

However you may need to find alternative accommodation ; if a sit is cancelled . Are you Premium members and therefore covered by the cancellation insurance if the homeowner cancels within 14 days of the start date ? If not, do you have funds in place to cover alternative accommodation?

Finally, have you discussed with the homeowners who will be responsible for paying any emergency vet fees if required? You don’t want to end up with a big bill on your credit card .

If you’ve not already read this thread I recommend that you do ….https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/sitter-has-to-pay-veterinary-expenses-up-front

Most of these scenarios are unlikely to happen to you but if they do you will be prepared .

Enjoy your trip to U.K. I am sure it will be a great experience and if you want suggestions about places to visit whilst in U.K. the forum members will be happy to provide suggestions if you want to tell us the area that you will be staying in.


Wow thank you so much for pointing this out, this is my biggest fear to be stuck in a foreign country with limited funds. Is there a way to see what covers the Premium membership insurance in case of a cancellation last minute ? Thank you

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Worth considering: Even with premium membership and even when insurance works for a canceled or shortened sit, word among members is that getting paid back for say hotel expenses takes two to seven months. So if say someone cancels on you, you need to figure out how you’re going to pay for or secure alternative shelter meanwhile, and/or change your flight home, which can cost extra money. I mention that, because sitters and hosts should have Plan B in mind and not risk being stranded by circumstances.

About first-time hosts: I did a U.K. sit soon after joining THS in March. I’m American. The hosts were terrific. Their home and neighborhood were lovely. And I found their pets super lovable. They joined THS on the recommendation of a friend/neighbor, and when we chatted via video before we mutually decided to go ahead with the sit, none of us asked many questions. I think we had trust and felt comfortable with our guts. It helped that they were retirees who’d had long careers that probably involved often reading people and I likewise have done a lot of interviewing and hiring, workwise. YMMV.

We still keep in touch and I’ve since done two other U.K. sits and am soon heading to another one.